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We welcome your input, feedback and news tips. Email us:

WGBH News is located at:

1 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

Senior Newsroom Leadership

Phil Redo, General Manager, WGBH Radio — email

Kate Zachry, News Director — email

Sean Corcoran, Senior Managing Editor — email

Jeff Keating, Managing Editor — email

Aaron Schachter, Executive Producer — email

Laura Colarusso, Digital Managing Editor — email

Ken Cooper, Senior Editor — email

Peter Kadzis, Senior Editor — email

Delores Edwards, Executive Producer — 617-300-2530 | email

Azita Ghahramani, Co-Executive Producer — 617-300-2528 | email

Courtney Kennedy, Co-Executive Producer — 617-300-3975 | email

Linda Polach, Executive Director of the WGBH Studio at the Boston Public Library — email

Morning Edition

Joe Mathieu, Host

Ciku Theuri, Associate Producer — email

Brendan Deady, Production Assistant — email

All Things Considered

Barbara Howard, Host — email

Matt Baskin, Senior Producer — 617-300-2309 | email

Amanda Beland, Production Assistant — email

Newsroom Staff

Gabrielle Emanuel, Reporter — email

Edgar B. Herwick III, Reporter/Producer, The Curiosity Desk — 617-300-2664 | email

Mark Herz, Reporter — email

Emily Judem, Digital Producer — email

Craig LeMoult, Reporter — email

Phillip Martin, Senior Investigative Reporter — 617-300-2348 | email

Tina Martin, Reporter — 617-300-2337 | email

Gary Mott, Radio Production Director — 617-300-2422 | email

Maggie Penman, Reporter — email

Cristina Quinn, Reporter — 617-300-2216 | email

Arun Rath, Reporter — email

Adam Reilly, Reporter — 617-300-2534 | email

Henry Santoro, Producer/Announcer — email

Marilyn Schairer, Producer — 617-300-2374 | email

Bob Seay, Reporter/Host

Isaiah Thompson, Reporter — 617-300-2245 | email

Lisa Tomlinson-Williams, Audience Engagement Editor — email

WGBH Original Programming:

Basic Black

Callie Crossley, Host

Delores Edwards, Executive Producer — 617-300-2530 | email

For tips and inquiries for Basic Black, please email us at

Boston Public Radio

Call-in Line: 877-301-8970

Jim Braude, Host

Margery Eagan, Host

Amanda McGowan, Producer — 617-300-2341 | email

Tori Bedford, Associate Producer — email

Jason Turesky, Associate Producer — 617-300-2456 | email

Arjun Singh, Production Assistant — email

Beat The Press and Greater Boston

Emily Rooney, Host and Executive Editor, Beat the Pressemail

Azita Ghahramani, Co-Executive Producer — 617-300-2528 | email

Courtney Kennedy, Co-Executive Producer — 617-300-3975 | email

Stephanie Leydon, Senior Editor — email

Antonio Caban, Producer — email

Jennifer Sifferlen, Associate Producer — email

Christina Beiene, Production Assistant — email

Eliza Dewey, Production Assistant — email

WGBH Forum Network

Annie Shreffler, Project Manager — 617-300-2254 | email

Lauren Jo Alicandro, Production Assistant — email

Innovation Hub

Kara Miller, Host

Marc Sollinger, Associate Producer — 617-300-2450 | email

Marc Filippino, Associate Producer — email

K-12 Education Desk

Bianca Vázquez Toness, Managing Editor/Reporter — email

Molly Boigon, Associate Producer — email

On Campus

Kirk Carapezza, Reporter/Producer — 617-300-2486 | email

Esteban Bustillos, Production Assistant — email

Open Studio with Jared Bowen

Jared Bowen, Arts Editor — 617-300-4403 | email

Delores Edwards, Executive Producer — email

Rory Sheil, Production Assistant — email

The Scrum

Peter Kadzis, Co-Host — email

Adam Reilly, Co-Host — email

The Takeaway

Elizabeth Ross, Producer — 617-300-2381 | email

Under the Radar with Callie Crossley

Callie Crossley, Host — email

Franziska Monahan, Associate Producer — email

WCAI, The Cape and Islands NPR

Heather Goldstone, Science Editor, WCAI — 508-548-9600, ext. 102 | email

Media Inquiries About WGBH News

To pitch a story or inquire about being featured on our air, please contact the appropriate producer or reporter here.

For press inquiries about WGBH News, or to request WGBH News talent for your event, please contact:

Sam Brewer
Assistant Director of Media Relations

WGBH has the ability to do a live TV feed directly from our newsroom via The Switch (not satellite). Our reporters are available for comment on news and issues in Greater Boston and New England. To inquire about a live TV feed, please contact:

Emeric Feldmar
Director of Engineering

To book a radio studio for recording purposes, please contact:

To book Fraser Performance Studio, please contact: