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Callie Crossley 2

Callie Crossley

Host, Under the Radar with Callie Crossley

Callie Crossley hosts Under the Radar with Callie Crossley and shares radio essays each Monday on GBH’s Morning Edition. She also formerly hosted Basic Black, which focused on current events impacting communities of color. Crossley has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Gold Baton DuPont Columbia award, a national Edward R. Murrow Award, a national Emmy and an Oscar nomination for her producer work on “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years.” She was awarded two Harvard Fellowships and serves as on the Board of Trustees of her alma mater, Wellesley College.

She is a woman for all media including commentator, public speaker, writer, broadcast journalist, and filmmaker. Crossley is a Boston based radio and tv host, commentator, and public speaker. Her Monday morning commentaries on GBH’s Morning Edition tackle wide-ranging subject matter — from the TSA’s Quiet Skies surveillance program, safe injection sites, Ayanna Pressley’s Congressional victory, everyday racism, the movie "Crazy Rich Asians," the pre- and post-response to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and the lack of understanding about sexual assault.

Crossley spent thirteen years as a network television Producer for ABC NEWS' "20/20" reporting health medical stories such as male menopause, breast cancer in young women, and the potential link between viral infection and recycled air in airplanes. In addition, she was a producer on the critically acclaimed PBS documentary series "Eyes on the Prize: Americas Civil Rights Years 1954-1965." The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored her hour on the series with an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Crossley produced the documentary while working for Blackside, Inc., a Boston-based independent film production company for which she most recently served as Senior Series Producer on the 2003 PBS documentary series "This Far By Faith: African-American Spiritual Journeys."

Crossley is a graduate of Wellesley College, and was at Harvard University as a Nieman Fellow, a year long sabbatical for professional journalists.