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Introducing GBH Passport. Added membership benefit. More quality PBS programming.

GBH Passport is your member benefit that gives you extended access to 1600+ episodes.

Stream more of your favorite shows, including Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, NOVA, Finding Your Roots, and many more.

GBH Passport is a member benefit available to members who contribute at least $5 per month or an annual gift of $60 or more.

Whatever the season, we think you deserve to put your feet up and watch entertaining and engaging content that matters to you. To do that, all you need is your GBH Passport!

Watch more of your favorites with GBH Passport!

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We’ve put together some of our tips and tricks for streaming on the PBS Video app with GBH Passport, to get you set up for bingeing success!

Download the PBS Video app

How to Activate GBH Passport


1. PBS Video app vs GBH Passport: do you know the difference?
Like cookies and milk, they are better together. In order to utilize your GBH Passport member benefit, you have to first download the PBS Video app! The PBS Video app is free, and available on any smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. GBH Passport is not a different app - it’s used within the PBS Video app.

If you haven’t already, you need to How to Activate GBH Passport, and then sign in to the PBS app with the same credentials you used for GBH Passport. Think of Passport as a key to a hidden door in the PBS app - you’ll be able to unlock exclusive shows only available to GBH Passport members, as well as still being able to watch everything else available in the PBS app.

2. Where to watch

In short - anywhere! Download the PBS app wherever you watch other streaming services. This could be your phone, your tablet, your TV, or your desktop computer! We like to be wherever you are. So whether you’re cozying up on the couch or finishing an episode on the go, we’re with you. You can download the PBS app in your phone or tablet store.

3. Make a list!

Wherever you’re watching, you’ll want to create a list of your favorites! Look up titles in the search bar, and then hit the “+ My List” button. The next time you log on, you can head to your list in the navigation, and see all those shows ready and waiting to be watched. And anytime you find something interesting you might want to return to later, you can always add to your list and come back to it anytime!

4. Need some recommendations?

We have two suggestions! You can try browsing the “Featured” section in the PBS app. This is a list of the latest and most popular titles viewers are streaming. If you happen to be in search of juicy drama, peruse our What to Watch Now lists. From mysteries, to light-hearted British shows, to classic lit turned screen adaptation, trust us to help you find something bingeworthy!

Watch any time, on any screen

GBH Passport is available on most popular streaming devices in the PBS app