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What matters to you.

GBH members support the local independent news and award-winning programs that matter to them and the community and make it accessible to all. If you’ve come to rely on GBH for news without the noise, programs that entertain, educate and inspire, or events that bring the community together, become a member today. There is a giving level for everyone making it easy for you to join our mission of creating a more informed and connected world.

Membership Levels

  • GBH Members

    $5 monthly/$60 yearly

    All GBH Supporters enjoy these benefits…
    • Subscription to EXPLORE GBH, our monthly member magazine
    • Subscription to GBH Passport, an on-demand library of your favorite PBS programs
    • Access to the Member Services Line
    • Members-only regularly scheduled tours of GBH Studios
    • Exclusive invitations to GBH events
    • Free on-site event parking at GBH Studios
  • GBH Leaders

    $30.50 monthly/$365 yearly

    GBH Leaders enjoy all membership benefits, plus…
    • Virtual event series
    • Annual Leaders feedback forum
    • Quarterly Leaders tour of GBH Studios
  • GBH Champions Circle

    $75 monthly/$900 yearly

    GBH Champions Circle supporters enjoy all Leaders benefits, plus…

    • Spotlight tours of GBH Studios
    • An exclusive Insight Panel, inviting you to give vital feedback on GBH programs and services
    • Annual Champions Circle celebration at GBH Studios
    • Early access and discounts to select GBH events
    • Invitation to one GBH Beacon Circle event per year
    • And more…
  • GBH Beacon Circle

    $200 monthly/$2,400 yearly

    GBH Beacon Circle supporters enjoy all Champions Circle benefits, plus…
    • Invitations to gatherings with GBH, NPR and PBS talent and leadership
    • Special invitations to events hosted by GBH partner organizations
    • Access to the Beacon Circle Concierge Line and one-on-one tech support
    • Private, personalized GBH studio tours
    • First access to select GBH events
    • On-air recognition, Boston Speakers Series tickets and other perks for Beacon Circle Benefactors and Innovators
    • And more...

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