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For as long as there has been public media, there has been WGBH. And for as long as there has been WGBH, the standard for media in the public interest has beenset extraordinarily high. Entire media genres and learning strategies have spun out from its orbit. Largely because of our public service mandate, no television program, no network, no media organization has successfully replicated WGBH's overall quality, programming audacity, or scrupulous integrity across such a range of subjects and platforms.
The Production Group
The Production Group at WGBH

The Production Group is an award-winning production resource for PBS and for filmmakers from around the globe. With state of the art shooting studios, post-production services and editing suite rentals and world class in-house talent, the Production Group at WGBH can deliver for your production, no matter your needs.

Digital Services

WGBH Digital is a team of 40-50 software developers, designers, product and project managers, producers and marketers who together serve as a digital agency within WGBH and public media. This team of experienced specialists have deep and varied backgrounds in everything from news media to consulting, to kids design to game development.

WGBH Digital serves as the Foundation's research, development and production team for digital experiences. We work with WGBH’s national productions, and its local, marketing, kids and education units to produce media-rich websites, applications, games and other digital experiences supporting our series, stations and internal departments.

The official Masterpiece website was redesiged by WGBH's Digital team and launched in the fall of 2016. It has since been honored with awards from both the W3C and The Webby Awards.

Media Without Limits

As technology has changed, so has the way we obtain information. Nowadays, we’re increasingly reliant on visual and online media to get a sense of what’s happening in the world.

For people with audio and visual impairments, this new media diet presents greater barriers to access. We started addressing those challenges back in the seventies. When TV became a key part of how we exchange information we invented closed captioning; that was just the beginning.

We continue to pioneer new solutions to ensure that everyone can benefit from innovations in media. To make media more accessible, we’re setting captioning standards on every new device and technology that comes along and have developed free software to let anyone caption anything. We’ve given people with visual impairments the chance to experience an eclipse in real time through descriptive narration (another WGBH invention), enjoy TV via audio descriptions, and access the content that informs our everyday lives. If that sounds incredible, it’s only because it hadn’t been done before—something that will never stop us.

  • WGBH Media Access Group

    Media Access Group

    For more than 40 years, the Media Access Group (MAG) has led the way with innovations and expertise for captioning and describing television shows, films, and videos. The Media Access Group provides captioning and description services for hire.
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  • NCAM Strategic Planning and Advising

    National Center for Accessible Media

    The Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) provides accessibility consulting—including testing, training and technology development. With a dedicated staff of experts researching new frontiers of accessibility, and a 30+-year history of making media accessible, NCAM offers a unique expertise in this highly specialized field.
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Social Media
Connections that spur conversation

WGBH has worked for decades to earn the trust of our audiences. To be worthy of that trust, we always tell them the full story. To reach them directly, we use social media.

Social media allows us to engage with audiences, connecting us through well-informed online discourse. But it also gives our audiences the opportunity to get more of the facts that facilitate successful civic engagement. Thanks to our social channels, audiences have a constant stream of reliable information straight from WGBH that encourages them to engage with the topic—and with us. Social media enlivens our communities, fortifying our ongoing relationship with the public.

WGBH Social Media
Contractors & Vendors

WGBH is committed to the highest ethical standards and to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We expect our contractors and vendors to meet the same high standards to which we hold ourselves.

If you have questions or concerns about these standards, WGBH’s compliance policies, or your responsibilities, please contact:

WGBH Compliance
(617) 300-3840

Issues and concerns also may be reported anonymously through use of our Compliance Hotline: (888) 359-6297. The links below provide information on reporting concerns directly to federal agencies that support WGBH though grants:

Contractors & Vendors
Venue Rental

Our state-of-the art facility in Brighton, Massachusetts allows us to not only serve the public with the award-winning programs WGBH has become known for, but to invite you in to a venue that brings the excitement and allure of media to your private party, fundraiser, or corporate event.

Our spaces are the perfect locale and perfect backdrop for your dinners, cocktail receptions, parties, or presentations. Dramatic, dazzlingly different, and memorableare just a few of the words used to describe this new and notable landmark on the Boston skyline.

And because every dollar of revenue from WGBH's event rentals helps support our programs, services, and public media mission, you will be investing in Boston's cultural community.

Venue Rental  at WGBH