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  • Virtual
    GBH is thrilled to present the Queen of Summer Fiction Elin Hilderbrand in conversation during our Beyond the Page event! Hilderbrand is the New York Times bestselling author of 28 novels, including The Hotel Nantucket (2022), Summer of ‘69 (2019), and The Five-Star Weekend (2023).

    Hilderbrand will be answering your questions about her novels, the publishing process, along with giving insights about her writing process in the Q&A session. She will also be sharing more about her new novel, Swan Song, which releases on June 11.

    Swan Song, the finale of Hilderbrand’s Nantucket series, follows Chief of Police Ed Kapenash as he solves one last mystery involving the newest couple in town, the Richardsons. After the 22-million dollar house purchased by the Richardsons burns down and their personal assistant is deemed missing, Kapenash is forced to delay his retirement and look into these flashy newcomers who have stirred up the tranquil island community. Swan Song delivers a compelling blend of sun-soaked drama, glittering gatherings, and intriguing mystery, while celebrating the allure of Nantucket itself.

    GBH News' Callie Crossley will moderate this conversation. Callie Crossley hosts the radio show and podcast Under the Radar with Callie Crossley and shares radio essays each Monday on GBH’s Morning Edition. She also co- hosts The Culture Show radio program which focuses on local and national cultural trends and perspectives. And she also offers commentary about cultural issues on the evening news program Greater Boston and on Boston Public Radio, GBH’s midday talk show. She is also a fill in host for the national podcast “Our Body Politic” and a frequent commentator on local and national television and radio programs.
    Callie Crossley, co-host of The Culture Show, photographed at GBH’s Studio at the Boston Public Library on March 8, 2024.
    Meredith Nierman/Meredith Nierman GBH

    At Beyond the Page, we believe in the power of knowledge, the magic of stories, and the beauty of shared experiences. This event series features interactive sessions with renowned authors discussing their latest work and their writing process. Whether you're seeking profound discussions or heartfelt emotions, these events offer something truly special for everyone.

    This event offers two ticket options:
    Attend the event $0
    Attend the event + a SIGNED copy of Swan Song + GBH membership $60
    Please note that books will be shipped out following the event.

    This event will be recorded and shared with anyone who RSVPs for this event.
  • Virtual
    In celebration of the July 4 holiday, join us for a fascinating presentation and discussion of one phrase from the Declaration of Independence, “the pursuit of happiness.”  With Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center and host of the We the People weekly podcast, we’ll look at what this unalienable right meant to our nation’s Founders, how it defined their lives and became the foundation of our democracy.

    In profiles six of our country’s most influential founders—Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton—this new, thought-filled book shows what pursuing happiness meant in their lives. It was a quest for being good, not feeling good, demonstrating a pursuit of lifelong virtue, not short-term pleasure. Among those virtues were the habits of industry, temperance, moderation, and sincerity. Their views were inspired by readings of the classical Greek and Roman moral philosophers. More than an elucidation of the Declaration’s famous phrase; The Pursuit of Happiness is a revelatory journey into the minds of the Founders. Join us to hear from Jeffrey Rosen and gain a deep, rich, and fresh understanding of the foundation of our democracy.
    Boston Public Library American Ancestors
  • Virtual
    Timothy O’Sullivan is America’s most famous war photographer. His image A Harvest of Death, taken at Gettysburg, is an icon of the Civil War.  His next subject was the American West. Join the celebrated writer Robert O’Sullivan for a discussion of the artist’s life and work, the history of photography and our country, as he follows O’Sullivan’s path on his own personal exploration of the West.

    The acclaimed Civil War photography Timothy O’Sullivan was among the first photographers to elevate what was then a trade to the status of fine art. The images of the American West he made after the war, while traveling with the surveys led by Clarence King and George Wheeler, display a prescient awareness of what photography would become. At the same time, we know very little about O’Sullivan the man and landscapes he captured.

    Robert Sullivan’s Double Exposure sets off in pursuit of these two enigmas. This book documents the author’s own road trip across the West in search of the places, many long forgotten or paved over, that O’Sullivan pictured. It also shows how changes to our country and its landscape were already under way in the 1860s and '70s, and how these changes were a continuation of the Civil War.

    American Ancestors

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