Julia Child, who famously said, “Life itself is the proper binge,” didn’t skimp on the good stuff in life or in the kitchen. The legendary chef and host of GBH's The French Chef prepared food with decadence and love, creating many iconic recipes that are still celebrated by professional and amateur chefs today.

But what are her best? That’s a debatable topic. We decided to reach out to some of the chefs we know best — aka our colleagues here at GBH — to discover their favorite Julia Child recipes. Here they are, starting with #5, where we fittingly begin with dessert:

Chocolate Mousse

5. Chocolate Mousse

When Child featured this recipe for Chocolate Mousse on The French Chef, she said, “We’ve looked at other recipes for chocolate mousse, but this is the best one.” Employees at GBH couldn’t agree more. Child’s recipe uses healthy amounts of sugar, butter, and chocolate, to create a creamy, smooth, and craveable mousse — a treat that Milk Street’s Chris Kimball calls, “So classic Julia” in this episode of GBH's You & Julia series.

Roast chicken
Roast chicken
Jodi Pudge / Radius Images/Getty Images

4. Roast Chicken

GBH employees also agreed thatChild's Roast Chicken recipe couldn’t be tastier or a more perfect Sunday night meal.

Juila Child chicken dancing.gif

Stacy Buchanan, Managing Producer for Arts & Culture on GBH.org, loves that this dish uses few ingredients and is easy to make. “Five ingredients plus a bird is all you need,” she says. “It’s a recipe that also teaches valuable kitchen skills, like how to truss and stuff a chicken.”

Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon
A pot of Beef Bourguignon
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3. Boeuf Bourguignon

Child's Boeuf Bourguignon recipe was featured in one of the earliest episodes of The French Chef and has become a classic among the many Child enthusiasts at GBH. In fact, GBH News host Henry Santoro concludes there's no better recipe for the dish. "If you're making it, stick to the recipe and have plenty of time on your hands," he says. "It may take six hours to pull this dish together, but it's worth it."

A touch of brandy adds another level of flavor to this already rich delicacy.
Elena Shashkina

2. French Onion Soup

Child's French Onion Soup, made with all of the onions and a very generous topping of Gruyère, is a recipe that many GBH employees said they often turn to for comfort. It's a sentiment that extends to our Boston-based chefs, many of whom serve up their own versions of the classic dish. In this episode of You & Julia, Chris Coombs, chef/owner of Deuxave, tells us that their version of Child’s recipe is a restaurant favorite that's been on the menu for the last nine years. Talk about staying power!

And the #1 Julia Child recipe for GBH employees is...

Quiche Lorraine
Lesya Dolyuk

1. Quiche Lorraine

Child’s Quiche Lorraine is a fool-proof recipe for a buttery and flaky crust cradling a rich and creamy filling that couldn’t be more delicious, which is why employees at GBH voted it as their favorite.

Julia taking the Quiche Lorraine out of the oven.gif

GBH.org Senior Editor Ellen London loves that you can make it ahead of time and eat it literally any time of day. “I like to make two at a time and keep one in the freezer for an easy midweek meal,” she says. “It makes a hearty breakfast, or is substantial enough for dinner when paired with a green salad and a glass of wine — as Julia would appreciate!"

Be sure to check out this month's You & Juila At Home, to see Amy Traverso, Senior Food Editor at Yankee Magazine and co-host of GBH's Weekends with Yankee, make Julia Child's Quiche Lorraine from her home kitchen.

You can find more of Julia Child's recipe's here.