• We’re trash talking today with a look at an environmental movement in Massachusetts that is now 143 municipalities strong--it’s called pay-as-you-throw. What do you think?
  • Corby Kummerjoins us to discuss a different kind of trash-- the movement to pick usable food out of the trash
  • Karen O'Connor of PBS's new Frontline documentary exploring the challenges that young transgender kids face, from complex medical decisions to being accepted by their family and friends.
  • Laurence Tribe joins Jim and Margery to post game a week of historic Supreme Court decisions that will shape both our future and our Nation’s identity.
  • Last June When Arthur T. Demoulas was fired as the CEO of Market Basket. It was a summer of massive employee rallies, high-stakes boardroom drama that ultimately ended with Artie T back at the helm. One year on, Market Basket is thriving and making money Nancy Koehn helps us understand why and how.
  • It turns out coloring books for grownups has become a thing. We see what you think.
  • Peter Davisjoins Jim and Margery to discuss his new book, Girl of My Dreams.