• Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory joined Jim and Margery for his weekly segment. McGrory talked about the Probation Department scandal and subsequent trial. (Starts at 1:00)
  • Market Basket employees have launched a campaign called "We are Market Basket" to bring back ousted CEO Arthur DeMoulas. What's your take on it? Have you seen instances where employees banded together to save the boss? (Starts at 27:00)
  • 99.5 WCRB's Brian McCreath and Ron Della Chiesa offered a preview of upcoming Tanglewood concerts. McCreath and Della Chiesa host WCRB's live Tanglewood broadcasts. You can click here to hear Andris Nelsons conduct Dvôrák, click here for a BSO gala show, and listen back to Brian McCreath's interview with Nelsons. (Starts at 42:30)
  • For Open Mic, former gubernatorial candidate Juliette Kayyem stopped by Studio Three. Kayyem debriefed about her gubernatorial bid, talked about immigration and veterans, and speculated about her political future. (Starts at 1:07:53)
  • Film critic Garen Dalytalked about the great summer roadtrip movies, from The Motorcycle Diaries to Little Miss Sunshine(Starts at 1:33:30)