Ron Della Chiesa | Boston Symphony Orchestra


Ron Della Chiesa | Boston Symphony Orchestra






"There's no place on earth for a concert like Symphony Hall."

Background:  My love affair with radio began as a kid listening to the Lone Ranger, Jack Benny, Fred Allen, and other legends from Radio’s Golden Age. I also enjoyed the live broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera, The NBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Toscanini, The Voice of Firestone, and The Bell Telephone Hour. After graduating from The Boston University School of Communications I landed my first radio gig at WBOS as the host of a variety of ethnic shows including The Irish Hour, Music of the Near East, The Italian Melody Hour, and The Boston Greek Hour. In the early 60’s I was the program director of WBCN (Boston Concert Network) at that time an all classical music station. In 1968 the station changed to an All Rock format. I had been working part time at WGBH in both radio and TV and was asked to join the station full time later that year.

Nickname: Radio Ron DC

First album I ever owned:  Rusty in Orchestraville arranged by Billy May, a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 5 years old

Five desert island discs: Debussy's La Mer, with Charles Munch conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra; Verdi’s Otello sung by Mario Del Monaco; "Songs for Swingin’ Lovers," by Frank Sinatra; "Duke Ellington at Newport"; "Steppin’ Out" by Tony Bennett

Greatest places to see live music: Symphony Hall in Boston

Most memorable concert:  Leonard Bernstein’s 70th Birthday at Tanglewood

Favorite movie about classical music:  The Life of Wagner with Richard Burton

Favorite book about music/musician: Complete Stories of the Great Operas, by Milton Cross, my first book about opera by the Voice of the Met on Radio

When not listening to classical music, I listen to the American Songbook, Film Music, Jazz, and Broadway

Finest moment on the air: Any broadcast with the Boston Symphony or Boston Pops

Most embarrassing moment on the air: During the LP era having a record get stuck for several minutes while I was out of the studio

If I weren’t a radio host, I’d be Captain of a Cruise Ship

The best part of my job is working with some of the most creative and talented people in broadcasting

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