• Greater Boston's Emily Rooney was at the memorial service for Gov. Paul Cellucci. She talked to Margery Eagan and guest host Peter Kadzis about the mood downtown.
  • Suffolk law professor Renée Landers talked about Thursday's ruling from the US Supreme Court, and what other rulings we can expect.
  • Brian McCreath, from WGBH News's sister station WCRB, talked about the Boston Symphony Orchestra's new music director, Andris Nelsons. Brian talked about three stellar performances by Nelsons.
  • Radio Open Source's Christopher Lydon joined Margery and Peter to talk Pres. Kennedy and civil rights.
  • Summer reads! Margery and Peter opened up the lines for callers' favorite summer books.
  • WGBH's Kara Miller, host of Innovation Hub, talked about new research showing unlikely ways we can make ourselves happy.