The battle of North Shore vs. South Shore rages on here in Massachusetts. A recent Boston Magazine article comparing the two regions concludes, "You’re either one or the other. And once you make your choice, there’s a good chance you’ll never cross over to the other side."

This ongoing land squabble goes all the way back to colonial times, according to the article. The Pilgrims went to Plymouth; the Puritans went to Salem. Two separate colonies were formed, setting the stage for our current preferences. We still haven’t gotten over it.

When it comes to food, there really should be no contest though — especially historically speaking. Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most famous meals of all time, and it continues to this day. Yeah, South Shore!

I grew up in Bridgewater and have lived in Quincy for years, so I definitely consider myself a South Shore person. While I might be biased, sometimes it feels like the North Shore gets more attention. So I’m doing my part to share a few South Shore eateries that just might lure you in.

Lobster rolls Fox and Hound in the South Shore
Summer lobster specials are back at Fox & Hound, and you can try these Twin Lobster Rolls on Wednesday for $15.00.
Fox & Hound

Summer Eats

Lobster lures many of us in during the summer months. If you’re looking forward to your first lobster roll of the season, you could visit Quincy, the City of Presidents, and try Fox & Hound Wood Grille and Tavern, a favorite restaurant of Leave it to Lindsay's Lindsay Joy Higgins.

Higgins, a self-described "South Shore girl," born and raised in Braintree, now lives in Hingham. She remarks, "To me, the South Shore and North Shore are two different worlds. If you’re from the South Shore, you usually don’t cross over the Zakim to go to a North Shore restaurant."

She says Fox & Hound has a "very nice atmosphere and food is absolutely delicious." Their Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese is her "all-time favorite."

And if after all that you've still got room for dessert, check out a favorite JJ's Dairy Hut in Cohasset. A favorite of locals and visitors alike, this timeless vanilla soft serve with either the cherry dip or a crunch coat is perfect for the hot summer weather.

Tuesday tea time Mirbeau Inn on the South Shore
Customer favorites are Tea Forte flavors Bombay Chai, Orchid Vanilla, Earl Grey and Citrus Mint.
Courtesy of Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Tea and Coffee

Tea is the beverage of choice for many and reminds us of this country’s colonial roots and revolt. But instead of throwing it overboard, why don't you drink it at Plymouth’s Mirbeau Inn & Spa, where every second Tuesday brings teatime in The Bistro. Menu offerings described on the website include "mini scones, biscotti, assorted shortbreads, macarons, and flourless madelines." Stacy Wilbur, Senior Vice President of Regan Communications Group, says that the Tuesday tradition has taken place every month since May 2015.

If you like to get your caffeine another way, you can get some coffee (and even some complementary bagels and doughnuts) from places like The Coffee Shack in Marshfield or Gunther Tooties Bagels Co. Not only do they have great speciality coffees, both places have their own unique spins on breakfast sandwiches and you sure are in for a treat.

Green light juice - South Shore
Green Light Juice contains spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro, celery, ginger, lemon and apple.
Courtesy of The Green Light


Is tea not your beverage of choice? The Green Light in Duxbury has you covered with their juices. Founded by David O’Brien, The Green Light also has locations in Cohasset, Hingham and Pembroke. Marianne MacLeod, the Duxbury location manager, says that the signature Green Light Juice is their number one selling product. Plus, the Green Light Cleanse is changing lives, she says. But they sell more than juices. You can also get smoothies, soups, salads, wraps, granola, and other snacks, such as these "To Live For" truffles.

Green Light Truffles - South Shore
Their "To Live For" chocolate truffles with coconut cream brings the look of complete delight every time a customer takes their first bite.
Courtesy of The Green Light


If you’re hungry for more than a snack or small meal, two sister restaurants in Milton might become your new favorites. Executive Chef Tony DeRienzo presides over both. Abby Park offers modern American cuisine and Novara features modern Italian.

Recently, I visited Abby Park and was wowed by their extensive menu. It’s not that large, but the innovative combinations make it hard to choose just one entree — and left me thinking about my next visit. Novara has an outdoor patio and is perfect for al fresco dining. It also brings the air of celebrity with it; Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block is an investor.

So who knows who you might see while eating lunch or dinner on the South Shore? No matter what, these dining adventures just might convert you into a South Shore person after all (if you're not one already).

Jordan Knight and Tony DeRienzo at Novara
Jordan Knight and Executive Chef Tony DeRienzo at Novara.
Anna Ivanova

The Fox & Hound – 123 Sea St., Quincy, 617-471-4030,

The Bistro at Mirbeau Inn & Spa – 35 Landmark Dr., Plymouth, 508-209-2393,

The Green Light – 285 St. George St., Duxbury, 781-452-7397,

Abby Park – 550 Adams St., Milton, 617-696-8700,

Novara – 556 Adams St., Milton, 617-696-8400,

The Coffee Shack - 259 Dyke Rd., Marshfield, 781-837-3760,

Gunther Totties Bagel Co. - 254 Church St., Pembroke, 781-829-8709,

JJ's Dairy Hut - 140 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy Rt 3A, Cohasset, 781-383-0020,