Henry Santoro: By this time next week, the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston will be alive with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Boston Calling Music Festival. Something that “Time Magazine” calls one of the premier music festivals in the country. And Boston Calling isn't just about the music. It's a full-on sensory experience and here to give us an update on this year's event is festival co-founder and COO. Mike Snow. Welcome back.

Mike Snow: Good morning.

Henry Santoro: The big addition to the festival this year is the addition of Natalie Portman, who will curate the Boston Calling Film Festival. This is something that's been in the works now for a couple of years, right?

Mike Snow: Yeah. She's a friend of the group and we tried to do something with her last year, and she had some family things, and some other additions to her life pop up. We're super excited to work with her again this year.

Henry Santoro: She had a baby, didn’t she?

Mike Snow: She did. It was sort of my routine. My wife had one of our children very close to one of these festivals, and she did the same. And we all had the same questions and come to find out, it was much better to push it to this year.

Henry Santoro: The big three music headliners this year are Eminem, The Killers and Jack White. You can't get any more A -level than that. But who are some of the others that you're hearing a lot of good feedback about? You know, that festival-goers are very excited to be seeing?

Mike Snow: I mean you look at the whole lineup, and we sit there, and you look at social media and things like that. I mean I always separate myself. I’m an appreciator of the arts and for me, it's, “NoName, and Daniel Caesar, and Tyler, The Creator.” I've never seen any one of them live and I’m excited to have them on the bill. Then you know, your buzz bands, “The National” put out a new album, “Queens of The Stone Age,” put out a new record. So, you know they're certainly going to be there. You know you got your local bands, “Weakened Friends” and “Stl Gld.”

Henry Santoro: Well you've got “Belly” coming in?

Mike Snow: I was going to get there. It's like talking about something we learned in a past life. It's like, you know you spin the single, right? And you hear, oh this band is so much more than "Feed the tree." But at the same time, this song is just like my entire high school career. You're like this is just amazing. So yeah, I think a 23-year hiatus and they just had a write up in one of the papers, too. But, it's a nervous time and a beautiful time for her and the band. So, it's cool.

Henry Santoro: Yeah, and they're back with a new album. I mean playing the festival and people are going to be coming out of the woodwork to see “Belly.”

Mike Snow: Yeah, I think it's going to be one of those sorts of euphoric moments that you get to sit and enjoy something.

Henry Santoro: I think over Passover, I had I texted you a picture of 18 college kids sitting at my dining room table. They all had their tickets, they all had their wristbands, and are ready, they paid their money because of one band.

Mike Snow: Just one? Out of 54?

Henry Santoro: These kids are beside themselves over the band, “Brockhampton.”

Mike Snow: Well that's wonderful. I mean, behind the scenes, there's like 92 of them. I'm not quite sure where, they get like an 8-by-10 trailer. They're going to eat us out of house and home backstage.

Henry Santoro: It's true. I mean this band is huge. And for some who have not yet experienced the Boston Calling Festival event, what tips do you have?

Mike Snow: For me, it's get there early. It's all about sort of, how do I make my experience the best? Get there early. Don't bring a bag. There's no need. If you do, we have lockers inside and out. So, you know plan on renting a locker.

Henry Santoro: Mike Snow is co-founder of the Boston Calling Music Festival, it's happening May 25-27, next weekend. Mike I'll see you there.

Mike Snow: Thank you, Henry.