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Enable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teaching and learning for diverse learners.

Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms

Created in collaboration with NASA, Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms is a PBS LearningMedia collection of Earth, Space, and Physical Science stand-alone digital media resources. The collection spans grades K-12, and is filled with video, satellite images, data visualizations and interactives, with support materials such as lesson plans, background essays, teaching tips, and student handouts. Many of the resources and support materials are available in Spanish, and contain other features to make the material accessible to a wide range of students.

Design Squad Latinx

Design Squad Latinx is a project to create multi-session engineering clubs that invite Latinx youth to conduct asset mapping activities to better understand the sources of strength within their own communities and to then leverage those strengths to solve problems using the engineering design process. The project’s mission is to nurture an early interest in STEM in Latinx youth, who are under-represented in the STEM professions.

Solving Community Problems with Engineering (SCoPE)

SCoPE is an initiative to expand students’ ideas about engineering beyond iterative cycles of building and testing simple products. Focused on students in rural schools, who are often very connected to and want to remain in their communities, the program is designed to show how engineering solutions can be used to solve local problems, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue STEM and engineering careers.

NOVA on PBS LearningMedia

The NOVA collection on PBS LearningMedia contains over 1,500 resources from NOVA’s award-winning broadcasts and digital productions that educators can use in their lessons to spark and enrich student knowledge of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). All the resources are organized by Next Generation Science Standards.. The collection also features resources for social and behavioral sciences as well as profiles of people in STEM fields.

Math at the Core: Middle School

Math at the Core is a PBS LearningMedia collection of almost 400 middle school math videos, interactive media and integrated activities on PBS LearningMedia focused on hard-to-teach math concepts. The collection seeks to support the culturally responsive teaching and learning of math by incorporating diverse ways of doing math, showing diverse people doing math in various cultural environs, and contextualizing math within societal issues that students can connect to their own lives.

Illustrative Mathematics

The Illustrative Mathematics collection on PBS LearningMedia came about through the collaboration of multiple organizations, including GBH, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, Illustrative Mathematics, Open Up Resources and numerous others.

Design Squad Global Inventing Green

Design Squad Global Inventing Green clubs connect kids ages 10-13 through afterschool programs around the world. Kids explore engineering, invention and environmental sustainability through fun-packed, high-energy, hands-on activities. In Design Squad Inventing Green clubs, kids also get a special opportunity: the chance to work alongside a partner club from another country. Partner clubs share their experiences by exchanging design ideas, photos, and videos. Along the way, they develop their global competency by learning more about each other's cultures, communities, environmental challenges and lives.

Design Squad Maker

Design Squad Maker introduces kids and their caregivers to the engineering design process. In maker spaces, families participate in a themed workshop and use an app to solve problems that are personally meaningful. They also plan next steps and ways they can continue using the design process at home, with the help of the app and take-home activities that inspire creativity.