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Design Squad Global Inventing Green

Design Squad Global Inventing Green

Target Audience: Afterschool programs, kids ages 10-13.
Subjects/Skills: Engineering and invention, the design process, environmental sustainability

Design Squad Global Inventing Green clubs connect kids ages 10-13 through afterschool programs around the world. Kids explore engineering, invention and environmental sustainability through fun-packed, high-energy, hands-on activities. In Design Squad Inventing Green clubs, kids also get a special opportunity: the chance to work alongside a partner club from another country. Partner clubs share their experiences by exchanging design ideas, photos, and videos. Along the way, they develop their global competency by learning more about each other's cultures, communities, environmental challenges and lives.

Programs can pick between a 6-week and 12-week option for running a club. In the 6-week version, kids tackle four hands-on engineering and invention challenges while learning to apply a sustainability mindset to the design process. Clubs share their solutions to the challenges with their partner clubs in another country, offering students the opportunity to discuss engineering ideas and sustainability issues in a global context.

In the 12-week option for the club, kids start by solving four engineering and invention challenges and practice using the design process with a sustainability mindset. The program culminates with kids identifying an environmental issue they want to address in their community with an original invention idea. Kids create their invention, get feedback from their partner clubs, and improve upon their design until they are ready to share their solution in a final club celebration!

Clubs and educators who participate in the Design Squad Global Inventing Green clubs leave with a better understanding of engineering and invention, an interest in people and places from around the globe, and an increased confidence in using the design process to solve environmental problems.


Since 2019 there have been over 67 Design Squad Inventing Green clubs established reaching over 1,000 students. Clubs have been run in countries around the world such as the United States, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, India, Canada, Paraguay and Brazil.

Concord Evaluation Group conducted an independent, outreach partner evaluation of the Design Squad Inventing Green resources. The evaluation consisted of interviews with 15 individuals from nine project partner organizations. Partners reported that:

The DSG Inventing Green club guide is well designed with very clear guidelines and instructions for any educator/any person who would like to practice the design skills with students.

Another partner said,

…we have a real focus on the environment and conservation and finding ways to get this new generation to understand the importance of looking after the world they grow up in and the creatures that are in it and Design Squad Global also helps ... I think it helps further those goals.

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