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Social Studies & Civics

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Support critical thinking, complex social understanding, and civic engagement among diverse youth.

U.S. History Collection

The U.S. History Collection on PBS LearningMedia is a comprehensive collection of media-rich educational resources that span the breadth of core topics and periods in U.S. History. With resources from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, other public media productions, and original content, the Collection supports students in using historical thinking skills to construct meaning out of a past composed of multiple perspectives and stories. The Collection enables teachers and students of U.S. History (grades 6–12) to use media to teach and learn the topics and themes covered in most standard middle and high school U.S. History classes.


The PBS LearningMedia AMERICAN EXPERIENCE collection of educational resources from TV’s most watched history series brings to life compelling stories from America’s past that inform students’ understanding of the world today. Featuring video excerpts from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s broadcast films designed for classroom use and aligned with curriculum standards, educational resources in this collection include essential questions, teaching tips, background readings, vocabulary, and student activities.

FRONTLINE on PBS LearningMedia

This PBS LearningMedia collection features resources from FRONTLINE, the award-winning, thought-provoking journalism program that tackles complex and sometimes controversial stories that shape our times. Clips from the broadcast are contextualized for the classroom, and they, along with media galleries and interactives, are standards aligned, and supported with background essays, teaching tips, and more.

Youth Stand Up

Youth Stand Up provides models and tools to support students in building civics content knowledge, developing and practicing civic and media literacy skills; and developing civic dispositions and sense of self-efficacy. Original videos of young civic leaders, and a five-step curriculum equip students with the skills and scaffolding needed to envision, research, plan, and execute a civic action project.

Life During World War II: Using Artifacts to Understand History

This collection on PBS LearningMedia tells stories of how the lives of people around the world were affected during World War II using a variety of artifacts from the International Museum of World War II. The resources help students examine how propaganda shaped people’s attitudes and actions in combatant nations, as well as how young people and women were affected by and contributed to the war. The collection also includes tips on how to teach international perspectives on the war using everyday objects, government publications, movies, military equipment, and other primary sources from the period.

ARTHUR Civics: Making a Difference

The ARTHUR Civics collection on PBS LearningMedia leverages familiar characters and storylines from the popular ARTHUR children’s television show to support students in developing citizenship skills and attitudes. In addition to interactives and videos for children, the collection also includes teacher and family supports to help adults understand and support the development of civics skills for young learners.

Writing in U.S. History

The Writing in U.S. History collection on PBS LearningMedia offers six interactive lessons that cover commonly taught topics in U.S. History. Each lesson includes engaging illustrated video lectures from a young historian, Ben Weber, and primary source images and documents. Students can record and structure evidence through such activities as note taking, close reading, concept mapping, and outlining to help them plan for a final written assignment where they state and support their claim.