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Math at the Core: Middle School

Math at the Core collection on PBS LearningMedia
The Math at the Core: Middle School collection on PBS LearningMedia

Target Audience: Grades 5-8

Subjects/Skills: Algebraic Operations, Geometry, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Statistics, Probability

Math at the Core on PBS LearningMedia is a collection of almost 400 middle school math videos, interactive media, and integrated activities, produced by a collaborative of ten public media organizations. In addition to providing media to contextualize and practice math content and skills across the standards, the collection supports culturally responsive teaching and learning by incorporating diverse ways of doing math and illustrating people doing math in a variety of cultural settings.

Working with teacher advisors, GBH Education developed a guide for each math domain that focuses on ways to teach and learn math in order to better understand the world in which we live. These guides help provide students with the understanding that math holds huge potential for analyzing and solving social, political, and economic issues with direct relevance to their own lives, as well as practicing important interdisciplinary skills such as media and data literacy.

The media resources in the collection are all accompanied by teaching tips and, where useful, by student worksheets that help teachers quickly integrate the resources into their lessons. The teaching tips provide a variety of onscreen and offline activities teachers can use or adapt to help students master domain content and practices.


Since 2016, the collection, which is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and designed for students with diverse learning styles and backgrounds, has had over 1.4 million users viewing more than 2.8 million pages.

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