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NOVA collection on PBS LearningMedia
A resource from the NOVA collection on PBS LearningMedia

Target Audience: Teachers and students Grades 6–12
Subjects/Skills: STEM; Matter and Its Interactions; Motion & Stability; Energy, Waves & Information Transfer; Ecosystems; Heredity; Biological Evolution; From Molecules to Organisms; Earth’s Place in the Universe, Earth’s Systems; Earth & Human Activity; Engineering Design; Science, Technology & Society; Algebra; Calculus; Geometry; Number & Quantity; Statistics; Computer Science; Archaeology; Psychology; Sociology; People in STEM

For over 40 years, NOVA has been educating and entertaining millions of television viewers with stories of scientific progress and discovery— from the latest breakthroughs in technology to the deepest mysteries of the natural world. GBH Education works with NOVA to bring these compelling stories to the K-12 classroom. The NOVA collection on PBS LearningMedia contains resources that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) or other national standards, and include free videos, interactives, and lesson plans that help students conceptualize key ideas, models and processes, and allow students to see diverse scientists and engineers in action.

The resources in the NOVA collection are organized by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) topics, with additional sections for social and behavioral sciences, as well as profiles of people in STEM, and collections for special digital and broadcast productions. Resources in the collection include background about content, ideas for discussion questions, and tips to help integrate the resources into the science curriculum and engage students in science practices.

On PBS LearningMedia, find collections of select NOVA resources that focus on key science topics such as chemical reactions in daily life (Beyond the Elements), the changing climate (Decoding the Weather Machine, Polar Extremes), and connections to daily life ([Opioid] Addiction) Visit other NOVA collections including NOVA Labs, NOVA scienceNOW, NOVA: Making Stuff, and The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.


Educators can use PBS LearningMedia resources from NOVA’s broadcast and digital productions to help secondary students meet important science learning goals. During the 2021-22 school year, NOVA resources were viewed by 1.1 million users on PBS LearningMedia, who generated 2.5 million pageviews.

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