In a momentous celebration of Boston's rich seafood heritage, the iconic Fish Pier in the Seaport will close to the public on Sunday, Sept. 10, to be used exclusively for the annual Boston Seafood Festival.

According to Chris Basile, president of the Boston Fisheries Foundation and founder/CEO of Seawitch Inc., the festival is a year-round labor of love. There will be food vendors, kid activities, an oyster shucking contest, fish cutting demonstrations and more.

“It’s to celebrate the seafood industry in Boston,” said Basile on Boston Public Radio. “As you know, Boston is the hub of the universe when it comes to seafood. More fish is shipped in and out of Boston than almost anywhere.”

One of the key players helping to keep Boston’s seafood industry alive — and located right on the pier — is Denarius Trading Co., founded by Paul Vincent Hagan III.

“It’s the oldest functioning fish pier in the country, and not a lot of people know that, but we [Denarius Trading Co.] ship seafood all over the world,” said Hagan.

He gave the example of halibut.

“Everybody loves halibut. That's all from Digby, Nova Scotia,” Hagan explained. “So we offload Canadian trucks on three or four days a week, bringing in tens of thousands of pounds of halibut in Boston, going directly to New York, going directly to Texas and all throughout the country.”

The idea of the Boston Seafood Festival started 12 years ago with the formation of the Boston Fisheries Foundation, founded by Basile and Robert Nagle. The nonprofit is dedicated to preserving, sustaining and sharing Boston's seafood and maritime heritage.

Basile encouraged everyone to attend the festivities this weekend.

“Sunday is going to be a perfect day to be on the Fish Pier,” Basile said.

Tickets for the Boston Seafood Festival range from $20 to $65, and children aged 5 and under can enjoy the festivities for free. All purchases directly contribute to the Boston Fisheries Foundation's mission.