One of our absolute favorite shows here at Under the Radar is our annual review of quirky holiday songs with Mike Wilkins, intrepid music collector and radio engineer for the radio program, The World. Each year, Mike brings us a carefully curated mix-tape of rescued vinyl one-hit wonders and whatever background he can find behind each track. But inevitably, some of those origin stories are lost to the dusty used-record bins of analog history. When that happens, we turn to all of you — our loyal listeners — to see if we can trace these songs back to their source through your collective memory. Such was the case with one of our favorites from last year’s mix, “Little Red Top,” by the Glenn Cross Sextet featuring Jane Sharon and introducing Larry Ladd.

And you delivered.


Mike Wilkins - Radio Engineer for WGBH'S PROGRAM THE World and quirky holiday music collector and archivist.

Larry Ladd - Featured on “Little Red Top”

Hear Mike's 2019 holiday mix, Seasonal Silliness.