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Foundation Highlights

  • The new NOVA series Ancient Earth gives viewers a mesmerizing look at what Co-Executive Producer Chris Schmidt calls Earth’s “baby pictures.” The epic story of the planet, from its birth to the emergence of humanity, told through dazzling animation and the latest research, showcases the most dramatic events in Earth’s history.
  • As millions listen to The World, the international news program and podcast produced by GBH and PRX, Executive Producer Dan Lothian reveals the secret sauce for delivering its signature blend of news, features and offbeat stories from all seven continents.
  • With a vibrant arts and culture scene and a growing population that makes it the second largest city in New England, Worcester is booming and GBH is there. Sam Turken, our Worcester correspondent, covers housing, the environment and other social justice and economic issues. Read on to learn more about him and find out how his reporting is making a difference.
  • AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and StoryCorps have teamed up to collect and share stories from people across the U.S. about their experiences of racial desegregation and educational equity efforts in American schools. Tied to AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s powerful new films about Boston’s and Mississippi’s experiences, this initiative aims to give voice to those who lived through it and keep the conversation going about race, equity and education today.
  • Two new films from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE that examine the deeply mixed legacy of America’s efforts to racially integrate public schools in the 1970s uncover shocking truths.
  • Fan-favorite period dramas and crime thrillers top the bill for MASTERPIECE this fall, with new episodes of cherished series and intriguing all-new productions.
  • “Everywhere I go, I get to experience a moment in time that nobody’s going to get back,” said Téa Mottolese, GBH’s freelance audio engineer since 2021. Every performance she engineers allows her to connect with the musicians and audience through a unique shared experience.
  • Nearly 4 million visitors walk Boston’s Freedom Trail every year, learning about the city’s history and role in the American Revolution. But they rarely hear the stories of slavery, which touched nearly every aspect of Massachusetts' society and economy during that time. GBH News stepped in to fill that void with a new interactive map.
  • GBH audiences are spending more time on digital platforms such as YouTube. We talked with Cory Allen, senior director of audience insights and research, and Tory Starr, senior director of digital content, about what viewers like best and how “wins” in one corner of GBH are feeding innovation and success across the organization.
  • Beach, hammock or sofa? All would be the perfect spot to settle in with a book from this curated list of GBH staff favorites. Whether you’re a fan of horror, fiction, fantasy or history, there’s something here for you.