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Behind-the-scenes access to the latest happenings in and around WGBH.
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  • Caleb Teicher, WCRB Station Manager Tony Rudel, WGBH General Manager for TV Liz Cheng, WGBH Executive Producer Patricia Alvarado Núñez and Ben Folds take a selfie on set.

    Behind the Scenes with Ben Folds for "'Tis the Night"

    We sat down with Ben Folds, singer/songwriter and host of WGBH's "'Tis the Night with Ben Folds & Friends," to hear more about the role public media has played in his life, how music brings people together, and what makes this year's holiday special so special. Watch the premiere of "'Tis the Night with Ben Folds & Friends" on Thursday, December 13 at 8pm on WGBH 2, WGBY and NH PBS.
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  • Arthur Red Sox

    Arthur Plays Ball With The Red Sox

    This week, our favorite animated aardvark got a little love from none other than the Boston Red Sox, after some quick thinking from our marketing team led to a Twitter friendship between the two local legends. Check out the full exchange here.
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  • Oompa

    WGBH Co-op, Musician Goes From On-Stage To Backstage

    When WGBH Senior Producer Stacy Buchanan was looking for someone to photograph artists featured in the 617 Sessions category of the upcoming Boston Music Awards, she knew just who to ask: Javon Martin, our Digital Co-op, who, along with being a talented photographer, was born and raised in Boston’s music scene. Ahead of this year’s Boston Music Awards, we sat down with Javon to learn more about some of the 617 Sessions musicians he photographed.
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  • Beat The Press

    "Beat the Press" Celebrates 20 Years of Media Criticism

    We sat down with Emily Rooney, the host and creator of WGBH's "Beat the Press," to talk about the concept of the show, which she developed back in the mid-90s (and led to a trademark war with Arianna Huffington), what she's learned from two decades of covering the press, and the role the show has played in encouraging civil discourse in an otherwise crowded media landscape.
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  • WGBH Media Library and Archives Vault

    AAPB Races The Clock to Preserve Public Media

    In Part II of our series celebrating the fifth anniversary of WGBH and the Library of Congress' stewardship of the American Archive Of Public Broadcasting, we talked to Ryn Marchese, Engagement and Use Manager for the AAPB here at WGBH, about the race to preserve public media for the masses.
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  • WGBH News' Jared Bowen interviews former FBI Director, James Comey

    Behind The Scenes With Former FBI Director James Comey

    Proving yet again that news happens outside the newsroom, WGBH News' Jared Bowen recently sat down with former FBI Director James Comey, who was in downtown Boston ahead of a speaking engagement. Meredith Nierman, WGBH Director of Photography, captured the exclusive interview. Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos and listen to the full interview.
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  • Ryn Marchese

    The American Archive Of Public Broadcasting Celebrates 5 Years Of Preserving Public Media

    WGBH and the Library of Congress are five years into their stewardship of the American Archive Of Public Broadcasting, which was instituted in 2013 to coordinate a national effort to identify, preserve and make accessible the historical record of publicly funded radio and television broadcast in the U.S. We sat down with Ryn Marchese, Engagement and Use Manager for the AAPB here at WGBH, to learn more.
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  • Batting Practice Before Game 2

    Behind The Scenes With Craig LeMoult At The World Series

    It's late October and Boston has full-on baseball fever. You might think of WGBH first as producers of science, history, arts and culture, and education programs, but we also have a long history of covering sports, beginning with the days of legendary commentator Bud Collins covering tennis for WGBH Sports in the 60s. And this year, we're covering all of the action out of Fenway as the Red Sox challenge the Los Angeles Dodgers for the World Series title. Before the Sox packed up for LA, WGBH News' Craig LeMoult was on the ground and in the press box bringing all of the action to listeners on 89.7 WGBH. We sat down with LeMoult to learn more...
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  • Election 2018

    WGBH News Has You Covered For Election 2018

    In addition to the broad and deep coverage we’ve provided of the candidates and issues pertinent to this election, WGBH News set out to make it as easy as possible for voters to understand the 2018 ballot questions and their consequences, creating a comprehensive voter guide to answer the most important questions about each measure. We’re proud of the important role we play in empowering voters with in-depth knowledge while fostering citizenship and preparing people to play their important role in our democratic process.
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  • WGBH 2017 Boston Mayoral Debate feat. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan

    Debates at WGBH

    From The Advocates to the historic 2018 Midterm Election and for decades in between, WGBH has long been a leader in the debate space, bringing together politicians and thought-leaders of all kinds and often hosting a race's only televised debate here at our Brighton Studios.
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  • Peep Education Projects.jpeg

    Wanna Teach Your Kid STEM? There’s an App for That

    PEEP and the Big Wide World, WGBH’s Emmy Award-winning series that teaches STEM to an early childhood audience, recently launched an all-new series of free digital apps in Spanish and English—along with supporting materials for educators who work directly with families. The new PEEP Family Science apps combine animated stories from PEEP and the Big Wide World with related hands-on science activities, along with parenting tips, videos and prompts throughout.
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  • RussMorash_VG_BuildingGreenhouse_01.jpeg

    Russ Morash Is Inducted Into The Massachusetts Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame

    Under Morash’s watchful eye, iconic shows such as This Old House and The French Chef with Julia Child became the foundation for a new genre of television programming. Visionary and ground-breaking when they premiered, these award-winning WGBH how-to shows continue to inspire new generations of do-it-yourselfers. WGBH congratulates Morash on his well-deserved 2018 induction into the Massachusetts Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame.
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    The Great American Read: Making Off The Page Experiences Accessible

    Innovation Hub's Kara Miller sat down with Bryan Gould from NCAM and Renee Ruthel from Media Access Group to discuss how they are making these broader experiences of loving a book accessible to people who are blind/low vision or deaf/hard of hearing.
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  • JuliaWithShellfish copy.jpg

    Happy Birthday Julia Child! A Rocking Tribute To A Cooking Legend

    In honor of this special day, here is an amazing Guns N' Roses remix along with some other goodies to celebrate this iconic TV personality who enjoyed cooking with wine, and sometimes even put it in the food.
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  • Julia Child Scholar Exhibit WGBH OpenVault

    Julia Child's Life and Legacy

    Cooking legend Julia Child introduced French cuisine to American cooks in 1963 with WGBH’s pioneering television series, The French Chef. She was passionate about food and she changed the way Americans cook and eat. WGBH is proud to look back at her accomplishments and how we helped to make her a household name.
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  • Where We Are - Television - Basic Black Callie Crossley

    "Basic Black" (Formerly "Say Brother") Turns 50!

    Since 1968, Basic Black (formerly Say Brother) has reflected the concerns and culture of African Americans through conversations, performances and short-form documentaries. Now in its 50th season, Basic Black continues the tradition of capturing diverse stories and events that illuminate the cultural experience of people of color in the Boston area and beyond.
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  • NCAM Wins FCC Chairman's Award for Accessibility

    NCAM Wins FCC Chairman's Award for Accessibility

    The Caption and Description Editing Tool (CADET) is free, downloadable caption-authoring software that enables anyone to produce high-quality caption files that are compatible with any media player that supports the display of captions. The NCAM team accepted the recognition at an awards ceremony in Arlington, VA, and will also be commemorated on a permanent plaque on display at FCC Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
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