The MacArthur Foundation named its class of 2023 “genius grant" fellows last month. The recipients join an exclusive group of fellows who have demonstrated outstanding talent in their fields.

Environmental ecologist Lucy Hutyra is one of this year's fellows.

“I didn't realize I was breaking all those barriers at the time that I was breaking them,” Hutyra said. “The imposter syndrome can take over very easily, especially when you come from such a different background, and I think that the key is just kind of move past it. You do belong. You're there and you made it. Then you need to find allies and people that you can trust and that you can support, and I have been that for my friends, for my colleagues and for my students, and I'll always try to be that going forward.”

Hutyra, who is also a Boston University professor, studies the impacts of urbanization on environmental carbon cycle dynamics. There are 20 MacArthur fellows across the country, and Hutyra is one of four based in the Boston area.

We sit down with professor Hutyra for our Under the Radar series, “The Genius Next Door.” Listen now.