One million people now face hunger in Massachusetts. Coronavirus has forced a huge increase across the state of residents who don't know where or how they will get their next meal. Worse, the non-profit Feeding America reports that the increased percentage of hungry Bay Staters is greater than any other in the nation. While the pandemic fuels unemployment, more people than ever join lengthening food pantry lines, many for the first time. Children and people of color are affected disproportionally. Meanwhile, a federal response remains stalled. How have hunger organizations coped with the challenge of increased demand for food? Three groups from the region talk to us about how they’ve multiplied their efforts.


Erin McAleer, president of Project Bread in Massachusetts, the state's only anti-hunger organization.

Andrew Schiff, chief executive officer of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Ashley Stanley, founder and executive director ofLovin’ Spoonfuls, the largest food rescue agency in New England.