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As insurgents rise in both parties the Democratic and Republican establishments are protesting that demagogic outsiders are seducing a doltish electorate. That is ironic since preying on an uninformed electorate is exactly the business the establishment is in.


A few points on Cuba and then the impact Cuban émigrés have had on American politics.


Benjamin Franklin's response in 1787 to a question on whether we had a monarchy or a republic reminds us still of our civic obligations.


Looking for some information about the General Court?  Need to contact the clerk of the House for information about the business of the chamber?  You’ll have to use the phone as there’s no email information provided—and who uses the phone these days? 


Hillary Clinton's nomination was a really big deal. On the other hand, ambivalence reigned among Democrats, and Clinton was deeply unpopular for a major party nominee. The history of women in politics suggests it had to be like that.