Stephen Crosby, head of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, says a special fund of casino revenue side aside for reinvigorating the state's horse racing industry is a "completely reasonable amount of money to be put toward a plan, if indeed there ever is a plan."

The fund, which has raised over $23 million in five years, sets aside a percentage of casino revenue which is earmarked specifically for horse racing. But, with tracks around the state disappearing, that money might not have anywhere to go.

Races are held at the Suffolk Downs track for only a few weekends per year, and efforts to bring racing back to the Brockton Fairgrounds have been delayed. A recent investigation by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting found that $8.3 million in the Race Horse Development Fund earmarked for building up race 'purses' has remained untouched.

Crosby defended the fund and said the state is waiting for the thoroughbred industry to present a proposal for a way the money could be used.

"We are waiting now for the thoroughbred industry to get itself together to make a proposal that maybe could be something we could put the horse racing developing funding into," Crosby said.

"It's happened in many other states, where the money accumulates, then the industry gets itself together and says, 'here's an idea,'" he said.

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