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Quinn Sullivan On Becoming An Independent Musician

Guitar Prodigy Quinn Sullivan On His Start, Touring With Buddy Guy, And His New Album

SiriusXM's Bluesville Blues Festival
Quinn Sullivan performs during the SiriusXM's Bluesville Blues Festival at SiriusXM Radio on November 11, 2014 in Washington, DC.
Kris Connor/Getty Images North America
Quinn Sullivan On Becoming An Independent Musician

Quinn Sullivan has been playing guitar alongside legends like Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck for 11 years, and he is only 19 years old.

Sullivan's career started when he was 8, at a Buddy Guy concert in Sullivan's hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sullivan went to the show with his father and brought along his guitar. Guy called him onstage to play.

“[He] literally pulled me out of the crowd and put me onstage," Sullivan said, calling it "one of the most incredible moments of my whole entire life.”

Guy, now 82, became the prodigy's mentor, and Sullivan has been touring with him ever since.

Though often on the road, Sullivan said he enjoys being back in Massachusetts and spending time with his friends. Sullivan has released his own album, and he stopped by Morning Edition to talk about his career and becoming an independent musician.

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