Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan was at the White House alongside President Donald Trump yesterday when he declared opioid addiction a national health crisis.

Ryan said he supports the president’s decision to make the declaration, citing that Massachusetts is losing six people per day to opioid-related deaths.

“Where is the urgency around this epidemic?” he said.

Ryan said he has spent time with other municipalities who are experiencing similar crises, and hopes that “necessary appropriate resources will come with the declaration.”

“There's no question that we need, you know, extra capacity in terms of treatment options for people suffering from substances,” Ryan said. “There needs to be expanded access to medication-assisted treatment options.”

Trump has referenced a program being administered in Manchester, New Hampshire as a model, and Ryan said many are looking to New England for solutions.

“I would argue that the stigma and the dehumanization of of people that are suffering from substance disorders is precisely why we were not seeing the necessary or appropriate resources being committed to this epidemic,” Ryan said. "So we're hoping, you know, symbolically, that what the president did yesterday will help in setting the stigma associated with addiction aside any idea of what's going to be in that report next week.”