Today Boston Public Radio kicks of its series of interviews with the presidential candidates with former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee.

He has been elected to office as a Republican senator and an Independent governor. Today he's running for president  as a Democrat.

A defining issue for Chafee has been the war in Iraq. He was the sole Republicanto vote against authorizing the war as a senator in 2003.  As Rhode Island Governor in 2013 he also tried to end thewar on Christmas.

Governor Chafee discusses foreign policy, how the Republican party abandoned its own principals such as fiscal responsibility, and why his candidacy adds an important voice and level of expertise to today's issues, from drone warfare to income inequality.

He also makes the case to switch the U.S. to the metric system.

Listen to his full conversation with BPR's Jim Braude  and Margery Eagan below: