• Charlie Sennott--GBH's news analyst and the man behind The GroundTruth Project- reminds us how other parts of the world are experiencing brutal winter storms; he also weighs in on how NBC's Brian Williams fudged war reporting, and he gives us an update on the situation in Ukraine
  • London Mayor Boris Johnsontalks to Jim Braude and Margery Eagan about the effect that hosting the  2012 Olympics  had on his city
  • We open up the lines, giving listeners a chance to vent their winter frustrations
  • Ornithologist Vern Laux reminds us to pitch in and feed our feathered friends
  • Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans gives us an update on how the city is handling the storm
  • Violinist Rhett Price and guitarist Marton Bisits take the edge of the gloomy day for a live, in studio performance