Tuesday's tornadoes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area produced some amazing videos of truck trailers being tossed into the air and homes being ripped apart.

They left behind a wide trail of destruction. According to The Associated Press, thousands of customers are without electricity this morning and "hundreds of homes [were] pummeled or worse."

On Morning Edition today, NPR's Wade Goodwyn reported that the storm's ferocity caught forecasters by surprise. NPR's Guy Raz, who was at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, says he and others sheltered for more than an hour in a women's bathroom. The hail hitting the terminal, he says, appeared to be about the size of baseballs.

But perhaps the most amazing news is this: no deaths and only a few injuries have been reported.

"We are only seeing minor injuries, which is amazing with a storm of this magnitude," Lt. Darrel Whitfield of the Arlington Fire Department told Fort Worth's Star-Telegram.

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