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Got a case of the Monday blues? We've got just the thing to cheer you up: a little, well, blues — with a dash of 1980s rock for good measure. That's right, we're talking about J. Geils Band. 

Last week, J. Geils, the guitarist of J. Geils Band, gave WGBH a tour of his house and car collection. You can scroll through the photo galley above to see a few of the highlights. The Worcester native and guitar phenom will be a guest on Greater Boston tonight at 7 p.m., and his visit got us reminiscing — what were the best J. Geils Band hits? There were almost too many to choose from, but we ranked our top five below. 

5. "Looking for a Love" (1971, The Morning After)

This lesser-known J. Geils track only made it to #39 on the U.S. charts — but we can't see why. It has an incredible harmonica solo, which is essentially everything you should want from a 1970s rock song. 

4. "Love Stinks," (1980, Love Stinks)

See, we reminded you about this song just in time for Valentine's Day. It's possible J. Geils band only recorded this hit so it could be featured in B-rated comedies for the next three decades. But we still like it. 

3. "Freeze Frame," (1981, Freeze Frame)

The best thing about this song, aside from some impressive work on the keyboard, is the music video. Sit back and enjoy a simpler technological time, just after the invention of the green screen.

2. "Centerfold," (1981, Freeze Frame)

Lyrically, this song can't be beat — the story of a boy's childhood crush turning into a risqué model may be the least cliché love song ever recorded. 

1. "Musta Got Lost," (1974, Nightmares...And Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle)

"Musta Got Lost" is a great song — but it makes number one because of singer Peter Wolf's introduction to the live version. Wolf's quick-lipped precision is impressive, and the rhyme will forever turn Rapunzel into "Reputa the Beuta" in your memory.