So you want to fete your mom or maternal figure this Mother’s Day. The challenge? A global pandemic is keeping you in your separate homes. Have no fear: we’ve got your guide to putting together an amazing remote Mother’s Day brunch that’ll put your usual card and/or flowers to shame.

Call Your Mother!
The most important part of any family holiday is assembling the family. Having met a few moms in my day (yes, that’s a brag), they mostly want to spend some time with you, so don’t mess this part up. By now, you know which video conferencing system works best for your family, so send around a link and an appointed time so everyone knows when to log in.

Not to get nerdy on you, but a little writer named Shakespeare once called music the food of love, and I’m not about to argue with The Bard. You’re going to need a playlist. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on that front: pop over the WGBH Spotify to find Jazz, Celtic, and even a pandemic playlist. We also have WCRB for classical fans, and an award-winning Jazz streaming station right here on the WGBH website (click that player at the top left of your screen), so really, you’ve got a lot of options. Just make sure to keep the volume down so you can enjoy the conversation!

Making a Mimosa t the DIY Mimosa Bar.
Interactive DIY options make it fun for guests to play around with flavors, and colors.
Danielle DeSiato

Get in the Spirit
Prosecco, anyone? All bets are off when it comes to day drinking these days anyway, but brunch has always been a perfectly acceptable time for a cocktail - it’s all about plausible deniability. A mimosa is, of course, traditional, but you can make it more fun by mixing up the juice options. Pack up a small bottle bubbly and some mixers and drop them on mom’s doorstep, so she doesn’t have to go to the store. Or, outsource the work, and have a cocktail kit delivered from one of these Boston-area spots.

Dig In!
I’m going to be serious with you now: don’t make your mom cook her own brunch. I don’t care if she loves to be in the kitchen; it’s just not right. Either deploy an additional parent, make something yourself and drop it off, or order her delivery.

An Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe
Eggs Benedict are an easy and endlessly adaptable brunch dish.
Stacy Buchanan

For those of you who want to whip something up, we rounded up family recipes from beloved Boston chefs, and eggs benedict and sweet potato hash are both traditional brunch fare for a reason. If you’re going the delivery route, these are some of our favorites, but it’s also a great time to see if mom’s favorite restaurant is doing carryout.

Your Presence is a Present, BUT...
… it’s not a bad idea to still pick something up for your mom. Now is a great time to support your favorite small businesses, so consider getting her a gift card or two.

A List Of Massachusetts Coffee Roasters With Shipping And Delivery Services During COVID-19
Armeno has free shipping and contactless pick up at their mill.
Courtesy of Armeno

If your mom’s a Loralei Gilmore type, you can also get her coffee from a local roaster. Does she love a tipple? Here are some breweries and cideries with delivery and pick up options. Want to support your favorite PBS station? Get a WGBH membership for mom, and she’ll be able to enjoy her favorite shows on WGBH Passport, and we have viewing guides for every taste.