Caffè Vergnano, located in Eataly Boston, is modeled after a traditional Italian café. While there, you will find delicious pastries, a menu of drinks built around high-quality espresso, and a standing counter so that you can order and enjoy your coffee like an Italian. But how do you do that? Watch the video below to learn how.


Here are tips for ordering and drinking espresso like an Italian:

Ask for un caffè. That’s how Italians order an espresso. It’s also important to note that there are no coffee sizes in Italy. If you want more, order more.

Check for tiger stripes. The crema, the thin layer on top of the espresso, contains the aromatics and flavor of the coffee. It should have both light and dark stripes that resemble a tiger’s markings. If not, it was either incorrectly brewed or sitting too long. Ask for a fresh one.

Drink it immediately at the counter. The serving temperature of the espresso is hot but not scalding, so you can drink it right away while standing at the espresso bar. Italians do not take coffee to-go.

But what about espresso-based drinks? Eataly has a great guide to coffee culture in Italy. Check it out.