Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving substitute or hearty winter dish, Julia Child’s Coq Au Vin fits the bill. In the latest episode of You & Julia: At Home, Chef Cheryl Straughter of Soleil Restaurant in Roxbury's Nubian Square makes Julia’s famous Coq Au Vin from her home kitchen.

“I selected this recipe because of the infusion of wine into the food,” Straughter says. “I’m a lover of food and wine as well. What better combination could there be?"

Straughter re-creates Julia’s classic recipe while adding her own twist, including substituting turkey bacon for pork lardons, adding a splash of Mrs. Dash seasoning for more flavor, and tossing in green peppers and carrots for color. She also shares her own unforgettable Julia moment, when she ran into the famous chef at Logan Airport in the 70s.

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