Boston Public Radio's Jim Braude and Margery Eagan spoke with two people on Monday who are working to prove that less really can be more:

I. The idea of eating food from a dumpster might be a turn off to some, but Tufts University student Maximus Thaler is challenging the way we think of waste by doing just that. Thaler and his friends go dumpster diving at grocery stores and glean food that is past the expiration date, but still safe to eat. In a single night, Thaler said he can find up to thousands of dollars of useable food. Thaler is raising money to open a freegan cafe in Somerville called The Gleaners' Kitchen that would offer free food to patrons and operate under the concept of turning "waste into wealth". 


II. Cramped, tiny, apartments can be filed under the "cons" list of city living, but entrepreneur Graham Hill is trying to get people to recognize that big is not always better. He's transformed his own 420 square foot apartment into a space that he hopes will get people to be conscious about what they bring into their lives, and how they utilize space.