Women in Comedy

Track the rise of women in comedy, from 1970s sitcoms to today. Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres, and others talk about where women started in this competitive, male-dominated profession and where they are determined to go.

Tuesday at 9pm on WGBH 2



Finding Your Roots: Born Champions

Examine the ancestral origins of athletes Derek Jeter, Billie Jean King, and Rebecca Lobo.

Tuesday at 8pm on WGBH 2



League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis

Learn how for years, the NFL denied and worked to refute scientific evidence that the violent collisions are linked to incidence of early onset dementia, catastrophic brain damage and other devastating consequences for some of football's all-time greats.

Tuesday at 10pm on WGBH 2



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American Graduate Day 2014

American Graduate Day returns for its third year, focusing on the individuals and organizations working in communities across the country to keep students on the path to graduation.


Moone Boy

Sean is the imaginary friend of 12-year-old Martin Moone, the youngest child of a family living in a small town in rural Ireland. Martin, aided by his imaginary friend, has a unique perspective on life.


Undocumented Immigrants, Home Away From Home: The Week In Review

In her series Home Away From Home, Sarah Reynolds brings together voices and stories of some of the immigrants in our region, looking at why they’ve come here and why they stay.


Race and Ferguson: Beyond the Headlines

Weeks after Michael Brown was shot and killed, the reverberations continue across the US. Basic Black explores the racial and cultural underpinnings of the relationship of law enforcement to communities of color in a post-civil rights movement era.

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Public Radio REMIX

Remix presents a curated collection of new voices and some of the best independent work — surprising sounds and stories you won’t find anywhere else on public radio.

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