Every season, the Drama After Dark team gathers ‘round the conference room table to watch the latest and greatest in British dramas. This summer, we’re incredibly excited to bring you coverage of MASTERPIECE’s new show Beecham House. Beecham is a delight: sensual and sumptuous, it features an attractive and diverse cast, a historical setting that encourages reflection, and absolutely to-die-for costumes. I’m here to recap the season as it happens just in case you, dear reader, miss an episode and haven’t yet been able to catch up on WGBH Passport.

Remember how last week Chandrika was sneaking into JB’s room in the middle of the night? We’re about to find out why.

JB: You shouldn’t have come here!
Chandrika: Come on, don’t pretend we don’t have a connection. You can’t just forget the past.
JB: Looking at you just overwhelms me, dude!
Chandrika: Oh, me too.
JB: Then what do you want from me??

Does Chandrika answer? I don't know, because we immediately cut to the next morning. PTF Violet barges into Mom Beecham’s room first thing, because she’s mad as hell re: what she saw last night, and she’s not gonna take it any more!

PTF Violet: Look, lady — I came all this way because you told me I could wed your swashbuckling eldest son.
Mom Beecham, a disciple of Del Close: Yes, and?
PTF Violet: It might just be time for me to go home! In London, everyone wears clothes and looks like me and I have a working knowledge of social etiquette!
Mom Beecham: What’s the matter?
PTF Violet: Oh, I couldn’t possibly say! But JB is all over the place, dating-wise.
Mom Beecham: Cut the crap, what happened?
PTF Violet: Late last night, I saw Chandrika go into his room! In the dark! In her pajamas!!!
Mom Beecham: Ew, but that’s his sister-in-law!
PTF Violet: I KNOW! Why her? I’m right here, I’m rich, and I’m nice when I want to be!
Mom Beecham: Yeah and there’s Ozzy too, but she’s a boring poor. Maybe you made a mistake — Chandrika is a huge jerk, there’s no way he wants to spend time with her. You didn’t come here to lose, let’s use this intel to our advantage!

Back at the palace, there’s someone new on the scene: another one of the Emperor’s kids, Prince Akbar. He's here for some one-on-one time with his mom, the Empress.

Empress: Son, you’ve really grown up. You were just a little kid when your dad was blinded.
Akbar: Yeah, and it was horrible, I’ll never forget it.
Empress: Good.
Akbar: How??? It’s upsetting!
Empress: Yeah, but it helps you stay mad at anyone who’d try to attack sovereign rule. Your father lost his vision before he was blinded.
Akbar: Let’s not talk sh*t about dad, but yes, I’m also annoyed at his inaction. The Brits are right there in Kannauj, and we all know they’ll be here next.
Empress: I want you to have a future where you don’t have to bow to anyone. We have to show the British that we can defend our city.
Akbar: Castillon can’t protect us; we need our own army.
Empress: You bring the bravery, and I’ll bring the cash.

Back at Beecham House, Bindu is helping Mom Beecham get dressed for a family audience with the Empress. It’s... not going great.

Bindu: My dude, I think you should reconsider this heavy full length black dress given your location.
Mom Beecham: NO! I’ve never met an Empress before and I feel a responsibility to show off how a proper English lady dresses for an occasion.
Bindu, internally: Yeah ok, weirdo; your funeral.

Out in the courtyard, Ram Lal and Maya watch as Brother Beecham attempts the time-honored seduction technique of his people: showing off some inadequate guitar skills.

A man in a music club says "you guys suck!" and a woman yells "freebird!"

Maya: Ugh, they’re not even trying to keep their forbidden romance on the DL!
Ram Lal: Thanks, I hate it. You better talk to Chanchal or I will!
Brother Beecham, probably: 🎶Today, is gonna be the day, that I’m gonna throw it back to you…🎶
Chanchal, internally: Ugh why am I attracted to this? Oh right, the abs.
Baadal, also internally: I can’t believe the writers of this show are making me watch this relationship from the sidelines AGAIN.
JB, mercifully breaking up this weird party: Brother Beecham, I swear to god if you don’t go change your clothes before this meeting with the Empress I don’t know what I’ll do.
Brother Beecham, shady as always: What, I'm not fancy enough for your new friends?
JB: I'm ignoring that. Where’s mom? We have to boogie soon, the Emperor waits for no one.

Brother Beecham runs off to find their mom, or to change, or, and this is the most likely option, to find a notebook to write down some “killer song ideas.” JB grabs August from Chanchal, and Chandrika approaches.

JB: August, guess what, I’m going to an important meeting but when I get back, we party!
August: I am a baby, sir: I have no concept of meetings, important or otherwise.
Chandrika: Well, good luck at your meeting. I’m sure you’ll do well and make Agastya proud.

She takes the baby and walks off, but not without sharing some soulful and meaningful eye contact with JB. As if on cue, Mom Beecham and PTF Violet make their appearance. They both are wearing outfits that look hideously uncomfortable, but at least PTF Violet is wearing a nice peach color and a cute turban, so she edges ahead in the fashion department.

JB, lying: Oh, hi ma, you look great!
Mom Beecham: Well I sure hope the palace is cooler than this house.

Fun fact: it probably would have been cooler at the palace, because the architects of the Red Fort included evaporative cooling in the design.

The words "The more you know" follow a shooting star across the screen

The whole crew heads on over to the palace. It's ceremony time, and, thankfully, Brother Beecham did indeed run and grab a shiny vest to add to his lewk, so the whole squad is on point.

The Spice Girls walk through the desert with a subtitle that reads "Squad Goals."

Vijay gets the fun job of reading the decree that goes along with JB's license. He’s obviously SUPER thrilled about it, which is clearly making this good thing even more enjoyable for JB. Upstairs in the gallery, Mom Beecham continues to struggle with the heat, and PTF Violet seizes her opportunity to mess with Ozzy.

PTF Violet: LOL can you believe a rogue like JB is getting honored?
Ozzy: What are you even saying, he’s a good guy!
PTF Violet: Ozzy, you doofus, we’ve been played! I know you’re into him just like I am, and we’re both doomed to fail.
Ozzy: Why would you say that?
PTF Violet: Last night I saw Chandrika go into his room! They’re definitely boinking!
Ozzy: NO WAY!
PTF Violet, laying it on THICK: Look, I don’t like it either, but I had to tell you for your own protection! I thought he was a good guy, but we’ve both been deceived! We can’t take it personally I guess — you know how British men behave here...
Me, talking to the computer screen: Don’t say something racist, please don’t say something racist.
PTF Violet, saying something racist: The ladies here are all totally down for no-strings-attached sex. I thought JB was different, but, alas.
Ozzy, shattered: So did I. And now I’m gonna go home and weep.

Artist’s rendering of this scene:

A young man silently acts out a dramatic conversation between two moms at brunch

Downstairs, JB notices Ozzy leaving, but he doesn’t have time to process that because Vijay’s wrapping up and JB has to thank Emperor Badass.

JB: Wow this is great, thanks for trusting me!
Emperor Badass: Hilarious. I don’t trust you, pal. But the Empress loves her gift and I’m a man of my word. Castillon, I hear you grumbling over there, pipe down. Vijay, give him the license. Now behave, Lieutenant Beecham.
JB: I will, I promise.

Back at the house, everyone does a nice champagne toast.

JB: To the Beechams and, uh, friends! Let’s all stay here and keep kicking ass so our kids only know prosperity.
Everyone: Huzzah!
Me, distracted by how much I now want them to form The Beechams and Friends Family Band: Yeah, yeah... huzzah.
Brother Beecham: Bro, you seem a little less thrilled than you should be — what gives?
JB: Oh, uh, I saw Ozzy skip out halfway through the ceremony.
Brother Beecham: I’m sure she had a reason.
Mom Beecham: Maybe she was struggling with the heat like me! You’d THINK in a palace they’d have a way to keep guests comfortable.
Me: THEY DID. Mom Beecham, are you not reading these recaps?
JB: Seriously ma, that’s all you took away from that literal palace we were just in?
PTF Violet, a true suckup: Well *I* thought it was amazing and a real feat of design. I’ll never forget it!
JB, still oblivious to the flirting: Neato, pal! Excuse me, all — I have to go check up on Ozzy.

Before he can leave, Baadal waylays JB to let him know he has a visitor, a Mr. Ishpreet Virk, who is waiting on the veranda to talk about taxes. Fun! JB clearly agrees, but he sucks it up and listens to Baadal. This visitor has quite a commanding presence, and is waiting in the middle of the room with part of his face covered. When JB arrives, the visitor reveals himself, and GASP: it’s not Mr. Virk, it’s Prince Akbar, from before!

JB: Wow, this is a surprise!
Prince Akbar: No one knows I’m here; I had to keep my visit on the DL.
JB: Ok. What can I do for you?
Prince Akbar: I want to put that license to good use right away. Take this mysterious bag!

A man screams "What's in the box?"

Prince Akbar: It’s one of Shah Alam’s royal jewels.
JB: This isn’t just any jewel, it’s the Star of Agra!
Prince Akbar: I want you to sell it for us. And obvi you get your normal cut.
JB: WHAT? Sell it??

A man yells "that belongs in a museum!"

Prince Akbar: One condition: you have to get it out of the country. No one can find out that the royal family are in a position where we have to sell our jewels or we’ll lose all of our status.
JB: This is like a major heirloom though?
Prince Akbar: Yeah, we’ve had it for 250 years.
JB: I REALLY don’t want to go behind the Emperor’s back.
Prince Akbar: I don’t either, but country over party, man! If Delhi is your home now, you have to think that way too!

Some takeaways: a) YIKES, there’s no way this ends well, and 2) JB and the Prince clearly have a backstory, and I want to know what it is!

On the other side of the house, Captain Sideburns chats with PTF Violet. Good gravy I hope they don’t team up; with his shadiness and her strategic mind, Team Beecham might not stand a chance.

Captain Sideburns: So where does your father do his trading?
PTF Violet: Well he’s originally from the north, but now he works out of London.
JB, interrupting: Sideburns, follow me, we’ve got work to do.
Captain Sideburns, to Vi: To be continued!

JB takes Sideburns into the office and immediately spills the beans about this honkin’ gem he’s gotta sell.

Captain Sideburns: Where in the world did you get THAT?
JB: The royal treasury. Prince Akbar asked me to sell it.
Captain Sideburns: BRO. Big deal alert! This money will give everyone financial security for a generation, why aren’t you popping another bottle of champagne?
JB: Because I don’t want to betray the Emperor; we literally just got on his good side!
Captain Sideburns: How is this a betrayal?
JB: He doesn’t know his son asked me to sell it! He’s trying to get money for their army, and he doesn’t want people to see his dad as a weak puppet leader. He wants to take the fight to the Company.
Captain Sideburns: Good for him! Look I don’t see a problem here, you’re gonna get rich and know that you helped the Emperor defend his kingdom.
JB: I mean you’re not wrong…
Captain Sideburns: Also, what’s the alternative? You got a royal order, and whatever is going on behind the scenes at the palace isn’t our concern.
JB: Just because we don’t know what’s happening doesn’t mean we’re not complicit!
Brother Beecham, wandering in: Uh, everything ok? You guys are being weird.

Captain sideburns swiftly covers up the gem and tells Brother Beecham to beat it; the grown ups are talking.

Brother Beecham:

A man blinks in confusion

JB: Oh, cool it Sideburns; this is a family problem in addition to being a business issue. I’m trying to start us all off on the right foot, no lies!
Brother Beecham: Ok well now I DEFINITELY have to know what’s going on.
JB: Big diamond, Prince wants me to sell it and not tell his dad.
Brother Beecham: Holy crap — this is a ticking time bomb dude! It’s basically stealing! Why does he want you to do this, why does he need money so bad?
JB: Uh, he wants to fund a standing army to defend against the Company if they decide to attack Delhi.
Brother Beecham: Well that’s more of a "when" than an "if."
JB: Yeah which is only a small part of why you need to quit that job btw.
Captain Sideburns: Well, thanks for the interruption, we’ll figure this out without you, bye!
Brother Beecham: If anyone says anything... bro, if the Emperor finds out about this we are SCREWED.
Captain Sideburns: What do you want JB to do, snitch on the Prince? That’s not gonna end well for us.
Brother Beecham: JB, you need to say no. Get that diamond out of this house.
Captain Sideburns: Yeah and what is the Prince going to say about that?
Brother Beecham: Who cares, he can find someone else to do his dirty work for him!
Captain Sideburns: The prince has power too! He’ll take away the license or kill JB!
Brother Beecham, remembering Sideburns’ shady face from before: Why are you so aggro about this?
Captain Sideburns: Hush, you’re out of your league. JB, we have no time to waste. I’ll start finding buyers.
JB: Fine. Go to Lucknow, and only talk to people who are super duper trustworthy.

Captain Sideburns, triumphant, tosses his hair at Brother Beecham and saunters off.

Brother Beecham: Hey, uh, how well do you know him?
JB: Oh we were soldiers together; you know how tight brothers in arms are.
Brother Beecham: I’m gonna be blunt. I don’t know him, and I don’t trust him.
JB: Whaaaaaat??
Brother Beecham: You don’t know me like that, but I have really strong instincts, and something about that guy just isn’t adding up.
JB, classic older brother:

A man says "yes, thank you for your input." while slamming the door in his companion's face.

Brother Beecham:

A man sarcastically asks "really?"

In the nursery, Chanchal asks Maya why she’s such a hater vis-a-vis Chanchal’s forbidden romance with Brother Beecham.

Maya: He’s English.
Chanchal: He’s different though!
Maya: Yeah, you know who else has said that? Every other Indian girl who got her heart stomped on and left in the dust.
Chanchal: You don’t get it!
Maya: That’s also in the "I'm about to get my heart stomped on" script!
Chanchal: But I like him and I want a boyfriend!
Maya: When you hook up with him you demean literally every single one of your coworkers, because the implication is that they own us. Put it this way: do you value your friendships with the staff?
Chanchal: Yeah, duh.
Maya: Well we don’t like collaborators, so you’re risking losing your friends, never mind your own happiness.
Chanchal, missing the point: You’re just jealous!
Maya: This isn’t going to end well. Quit while you’re ahead!
Chanchal: He loves me!
Maya: Wow dude. I knew you were ambitious but I didn’t realize you were a doofus. Maya out!

Chanchal briefly considers listening to her friend, and then decides to skip it in favor of daydreaming about Brother Beecham. Downstairs, having already badly misread one interpersonal situation today, JB gallops over to Murad Beg’s house to go for the double. Ozzy for some reason agrees to talk to him, but she’s obviously mad as hell.

JB: Uh so I just came to check on you because you left mid-ceremony and then didn’t come to the after party? Are you ok?
Ozzy, absolutely done messing around: Does Chandrika come to your rooms at night?
JB: Whaaaat?
Ozzy: Yes or no, dude!
JB: Wow, really sucks that you don’t trust me. Chandrika did come to my room…
Ozzy, sarcastic: And I’m sure there’s a totally reasonable explanation!
JB: There is!
Ozzy: My dude, I am all alone here and I can’t trust anyone.
JB: You can trust me!
Ozzy: You were the first person I’ve been able to trust since my brother abandoned me, but you completely let me down! Some context: I was engaged, but he kept cheating on me. I don’t get men — you all just mess around! I thought you respected me, but I was WRONG. You’re a scrub, and you will get no love from me. I deserve more.
JB: This is a huge misunderstanding, and it’s gotta stop. Come with me now and I will explain everything, I promise.

Look, I’m sure you all expect me to say “we all know JB is the protagonist and so he probably does have some kind of magical explanation for this whole thing, but Ozzy should tell him to take a hike because he hasn’t earned her trust.” And I am indeed saying that. However, I REALLY want to know the intrigue! Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Be the curious cat you wish to see in the world, Oz!

Just as you’d imagine, Captain Sideburns took this opportunity to run straight to the Red Fort to try and spill his freshly gathered tea to Castillon. Luckily for us, Castillon isn’t too pleased with ol’ Sideburns right now.

Captain Sideburns: Please, I promise you want to hear what I have to say!
Castillon: Go away, I’m having a bad day — someone betrayed me!
Captains Sideburns: Yeah, apparently it was Ozzy. But don’t stew about that! I’ve got information that will ruin JB’s life.
Castillon: Ok, now I'm listening.
Captain Sideburns: Oh, you’re cute. No, I have a price.

A young woman whines "money please!"

Castillon: Ugh, fine — how much?
Captain Sideburns: Just put JB in my custody to take back to England. You’ll never see him again. Or me, I guess, lol.
Castillon: Great, you both suck. I’m in, but only if your intel is plausible.
Captain Sideburns: JB stole a diamond from the royal treasury. It’s the super big one.
Castillon: LOL ok guy. JB isn't Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief. I don’t buy it.
Captain Sideburns:

A man says "Sounds like he had somebody on the inside."

Castillon: Oooh ok; now I buy it.
Captain Sideburns: He’s going to sell the diamond to fund the Company’s operation at Kannauj.

Wow folks, wow. I hate to say it, but I really love a competent villain! Good for you, Captian Sideburns, you scheming pile of crap! Team Beecham is going to really earn the celebration they'll throw when they best you!

And speaking of Team Beecham, back at the house it's time for mail call! Someone has sent a fancy-looking letter to Brother Beecham. No, it’s not his Hogwarts acceptance letter (and honestly, if ‘twere, he should look into a more inclusive school anyway). He wanders out into the yard with said letter, not noticing that Chanchal and Ram Lal are out there watching August.

Chanchal: Oh hi loverboy! Am I just so awesome you can’t resist hanging out all the time? Well don’t worry, soon we’ll be together always — wait, hold up, why do you look so miserable?
Brother Beecham: My leave is up, I’ve been told I have to report back to Kannauj for duty.
Chanchal: Yeah so tell them your circumstances are changed!
Brother Beecham: What are you getting at?
Chanchal: Uh, obviously that you don’t want to work for their colonizer butts anymore because your life is here with me?
Brother Beecham: Oh, dude, I think you’re a great gal…
Chanchal: Great gal!? I’m your fiancee!
Brother Beecham: Say what now?
Chanchal: Uh, yeah — why else would you have had sex with me? Don’t you love me?
Brother Beecham: Oh boy, we don’t have time to unpack my commitment issues right now.
Chanchal: Is it because I’m not English?
Brother Beecham: Oh definitely not, I’m an equal-opportunity sleaze bag.
Chanchal: Oh cool so it was a trick! You knew you’d be leaving but you didn’t say anything!
Brother Beecham: I’m on contract with the Company, I don’t have a choice!
Chanchal: You let me fall in love with you just to mess with me — you ruined me!
Brother Beecham:

A woman asks "how was i supposed to know there'd be consequences for my actions?"

Right on cue, August starts crying, prompting Ram Lal to call Chanchal back. But she isn’t about to give Brother Beecham the satisfaction of having the last word.

Chanchal: Ugh, I should have listened to my friends. I’ve never felt so ashamed, and it’s on you. Chew on that!

Brother Beecham at least has the good grace to look like he’s really reconsidering his nonsense. Ram Lal, who watched all of this go down, looks upset for Chanchal, so if we’re all very lucky he might make Brother Beecham’s day a little worse and smack him around a bit. Chanchal heads to the kitchen to get a snack for August, and gets an honestly kind of understandable cold shoulder from Maya. She also gets some guff from Mool Chand, which again, is pretty fair because she’s done nothing but talk smack about his food since she arrived. She starts crying and walks away, but thankfully, she still has one friend in the house, the too-good-for-everyone Baadal.

Baadal: Hey, are you ok?
Chanchal: Obviously not, bro!
Baadal: Is there anything I can do?
Chanchal: Not unless you're Cher and you can, in fact, turn back time! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go weep in private.

Not heading off to weep in private is Brother Beecham, who instead goes inside to tell Mom Beecham he’s been called back to work.

Mom Beecham: Aw nuts, that’s a real bummer, I’ll miss you!
Brother Beecham: Before I go, we need to talk. About the drugs.
Mom Beecham: I do not know to what you are referring!
Brother Beecham: Don’t play games with me, I know you take opium, I saw you flailing around like one of those car dealership windsocks last night.
Mom Beecham: LOL didn’t realize you knew so much about drugs!
Brother Beecham: I’m in the army; my coworkers are all using, and the Company makes a huge profit on the drug trade. Don’t make me search your room.
Mom Beecham: I’ve never taken opium in my life!
Brother Beecham: Ok, guess I’m looking through your stuff!
Mom Beecham: STOP! And definitely don’t look at this box that I’m standing next to!
Brother Beecham: Oh THIS box right here?? The one with the opium in it?

Oprah shrugs sarcastically

Mom Beecham: UGH fine! Yes, I take it, I’ve taken it for a long time. I have depression and nothing to live for, what the hell else am I supposed to do?
Brother Beecham: Well, yeah, psychiatric care is not great yet. I had no clue you were struggling like this.
Mom Beecham: I’m very good at hiding my habit! I got this bottle here.
Brother Beecham, putting two and two together: OH so that’s why PTF Violet was in the city. That also explains your reaction; the local product is very strong.
Mom Beecham: Cool, I’ll adjust my dosage.
Brother Beecham: UGH NO: that’s not what I meant! You have to quit! This stuff ruins lives!
Mom Beecham: Please don’t tell JB.
Brother Beecham: This isn’t about him! You have a grandchild and a new life; forget about the past.
Mom Beecham: LOL you’re cute: that’s not how grief and depression work, kiddo. Pain sticks with you; for example, what about the maid you’ve been messing with?
Brother Beecham: Ugh everyone in this house is so nosy.
Mom Beecham: Dude, even people outside this house know your secrets, you didn’t even TRY to sneak around! You broke that poor girl’s heart without thinking twice. You think she’s gonna get over that? She won’t. So I’m gonna keep taking my opium like you keep taking advantage of people. I’ll quit when you do, and until then, you can get right the heck off your high horse.
Brother Beecham, probably wishing he had the moral high ground right about now: Well. Fine.

That portion of the messy Beecham family affairs completely un-dealt with, it’s time for Ozzy to wander over to the house to clear up a couple of items re: JB, Chandrika, and the mysterious past everyone keeps trying to avoid. It seems like all of the houseguests except for Captain Sideburns have been summoned for a Poirot-style denouement in the sitting room, and JB has even put on a fancy vest for the occasion.

The character Poirot smiles and nods

JB: Ok look, I have to tell you all something, but I was trying to avoid this super awkward party because what I’m about to say endangers August. I need to ask you all to promise not to tell anyone.

They all nod in agreement, except Baadal, who’s hanging out in the room next door. JB probably should have checked to make sure no one was around, but I’m assuming Baadal is on the up and up so this is fine.

JB: As you know, I left The Company because I couldn’t stick around and subjugate people any more. Once I left Calcutta I did a bit of an Eat, Pray, Love thing and found peace in my travels around India. That’s when I became a big nerd for art. But then I stumbled onto a crime scene, and my life changed forever.

The voice over stops at this point, so I'm just gonna tell you what happened. Like we saw in the flashback from Episode 1, JB saved the day, and got shot. The people he helped packed him into their carriage, and subsequently, into their super fancy house, and saved him in return. Spoiler alert, these people were a pretty big deal: the Maharaja of Kalyan and his two super hot daughters, Chandrika and Kamlavati. It turns out that they were attacked by the Maharaja’s jerk brother, Devji Rao, who was trying to move himself up in the succession and get all of the Maharaja’s money. The brother had already killed the Maharaja’s son and heir.

Apparently, while JB was unconscious, Kamlavati called dibs (get it, girl). She helped nurse him to health, and generally just entertained him whilst he convalesced. You all know how this goes: they fell in love, got married, and had a super cute kid. She roasted him for naming the baby August, since it’s a month, which is why half these folks call him Agastya. Anyway, obviously the whole “murdery brother” thing came back into play, and the Maharaja, worried for August’s safety, suggested that JB, Kamlavati, Chandrika, and August head to a safe summer retreat that Murder Brother didn’t know about. JB thought it was a bad idea, because it would mean separating his wife from her dad and his frankly astonishing mustache, but the Maharaja insisted.

This summer home was about the best possible option for a safe house you can imagine, and everyone had a great time, until things took a very dark turn. One night Kamlavati was out for a walk with baby August, when assassins hiding around the house tried to kill the baby, and got her instead. Poor Ram Lal was too late to save her, but he did take out the murderer. JB, obviously, was overwhelmed with grief.

Back in the present, there’s not a dry eye in the house, because this story is tragic in the extreme. JB explains that they’d been betrayed, and in order to keep the baby safe, they spread word that August had been killed in the attack. They faked a funeral, and sent a messenger back to Devji Rao, telling him that if he ever comes near JB again, JB will kill him. Harsh but fair! The Maharaja sent JB to Delhi with some staff, and that’s where we started the season. Yikes. This is a deeply upsetting backstory for everyone involved, and definitely explains why JB is so intense about keeping his secrets: he’s basically raising a prince. He also promised his father-in-law he’d never spill the secret, which...

A man cringes.

Anyway, this explains the whole situation and also how JB has so much money for no reason.

JB: Welp, Ozzy, hope that answers your questions. Bye.
Ozzy, follows him: I’m so sorry. I misjudged you and you’ve been through so much!
JB: No, I should apologize, I was keeping a lot of secrets.
Ozzy: Yeah but you promised your father-in-law/role model you’d do that, I get it. We’re back on the same page.
Mom Beecham, still grappling with this whole thing: Wait, so my grandson is going to be a Maharaja?
Chandrika: Yup, he sure will.

Is Ozzy going to be up for dating a widower who’s secretly raising a Maharaja? Is this a tipping point for relations between Chandrika and Mom Beecham? Will Brother Beecham turn his life around? And where is the evil Captain Sideburns in all this? There's only one way to find out, and that’s tuning in next week for Episode 5!

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