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GBH Drama

  • Last week? TB. This week? The seaside! Yes, you read that right — Vi’s planning an excursion to the beach as her first event as mayor, and everyone is extremely excited. Everyone except Fred, who, as the ‘Mayor’s Consort’ has to help plan the thing instead of relaxing. There are invitations to hand out, sandcastle contest prizes to be picked out, and a bus company to pay.
  • Well friends, it’s officially summer in 1969 Poplar, which means that this episode, we’re getting heavy moon landing vibes.
  • Nolly shows the real life story of Noele Gordon withstanding an unjust firing from the UK soap opera Crossroads and her journey back toward being a leading lady. In contrast, Funny Woman recently showed up-and-coming comedian Barbara transforming herself into Sophie Straw. If you liked these recent MASTERPIECE and PBS series, you’re in luck: they are far from the only shows to depict the early days of the modern British TV industry. This article aims to recommend what to watch after Nolly and discuss how each series dramatized behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-camera drama.
  • This week in Poplar, we get to start the episode off with another example of our buddy Fred absolutely saving the day for the team at Nonnatus (mechanical work; always a joy). We also get Reggie for another week, as he’s here to visit Vi and Fred.
  • Agatha Christie’s mystery novels and short stories have never fallen out of favor with mystery fans. Her novels and short stories have influenced generations of authors and screenwriters to adapt her works or incorporate elements of her themes into original stories. Recent television and movie adaptations have decided to remove racial and antisemitic slurs, and toned down the sexism of Christie’s era. Murder is Easy takes this to the next level by confronting the spoken and unspoken bias in the text head-on.
  • Welcome back to Poplar, besties. Last week, we met our trainee midwives for the season and saw two fairly dramatic births. This week, we kick things off with a visit to Cyril’s church, which is practically bursting at the seams. We also get a Nigel the Cat sighting!
  • Well reader, spring has sprung (ish) and with it comes the THIRTEENTH season of Call the Midwife. When last we visited Poplar, Sister Monica Joan was in the middle of another dark night of the soul, Cyril had just adopted a cat named Nigel, Trixie and Mr. Trixie were settling into married life, and there were rumblings of more trainee midwives (and if you need more details, catch up here). This season kicks off with our Nonnatus house squad preparing for the imminent arrival of our trainees. Speaking of whom, we appear to have 4: Joyce, Kathy, Lauren, and Rosalind. Reader, I’ll tell you right now: don’t get too attached to Kathy and Lauren, because we’ll be spending much more time with the other two, who will actually live at Nonnatus house.
  • Throughout All Creatures Great And Small Season 4, several arcs attracted viewer interest. However, Richard Carmody’s appearance as the newest member of the Skeldale House veterinary practice stands out in terms of both a rewarding emotional journey and a rewarding career trajectory. Throughout the season, there were both subtle and obvious hints that if Carmody were living in 2024, he would be described as neurodivergent or on the autism spectrum. This piece will detail the case for this reading and the importance of representing neurodivergence in period drama fandom as a whole.
  • MASTERPIECE and Alibi UK announced today that while Season 5 of Miss Scarlet and The Duke is currently filming, the show is undergoing major changes. Stuart Martin is exiting the role of William “The Duke” Wellington and the show will be renamed to Miss Scarlet. GBH Drama writers Jackie and Amanda-Rae discuss what this means for the series and the fandom at large.
  • This week’s episode of All Creatures Great and Small is the season 4 finale and Christmas special at the same time. Each of the previous specials showcased someone who felt alienated from the Christmas spirit of the Dales eventually embracing all the season has to offer. This episode continues the pattern with Carmody. Plus, Helen predicted that her due date would be in December and yet James is still away with the RAF. Let’s discuss the festivities and James’ ability to be by Helen’s side.