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Tribute and Memorial Gifts

A gift to the GBH Educational Foundation is a wonderful way to honor a friend's birthday, holiday, the birth of a child, or a new marriage. It can also be a meaningful way to mark the passing of a friend or family member who wanted to leave a legacy that will help ensure that we can continue to produce and distribute high-quality programs that educate, entertain and inspire. GBH offers several ways for you to recognize an important person while providing much-needed support to our mission.

Giving Opportunities

Your gift will ensure that GBH takes on important subjects with a depth of commitment and expertise increasingly rare in the commercial media landscape. You will also receive a letter of thanks, and we will notify the honoree of your gift or the family of the deceased.

  • Tribute Gifts
    Honor someone's birthday, anniversary, or a holiday with a gift to GBH.
  • Memorial Gifts
    Honor friends or loved ones who are no longer with us, with a gift to GBH.

Listing GBH in an Obituary

Below is sample wording you may use to list the WGBH Educational Foundation in an obituary:

In memory of (deceased), the family requests that a donation be made to the WGBH Educational Foundation, Attention: GBH Office of Gift Planning and Endowment, One Guest Street, Boston Massachusetts, 02135 or via the GBH website: www.wgbh.org/tribute.

Named Endowed Funds

If you are considering making a more significant gift to GBH in tribute or in memory of a special loved one, we would suggest you establish a named endowed fund. The endowment has enabled the GBH Educational Foundation to ensure that it will have the resources to achieve its mission for generations to come. Endowment funds are invested to maximize total return rather than annual cash earnings. These funds, which can be named after an honoree, are established at $100,000.

Learn More

Learn more about making a tribute or memorial gift by contacting the Office of Gift Planning and Endowment at 1-800-220-7122 or by emailing gift_planning@wgbh.org.

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Together, we can create a more connected and informed world. With your support, GBH will continue to innovate, inspire and connect through programs you value that meet today’s moments.