We’re excited to be presenting season four of BBC’s Shetland, the murder-mystery series based on the novels by Ann Cleeves. If you’re new to the series, you’re probably a bit behind on the character development of the main cast, as well as their relationship to others on the island. But rather than play catch-up while unraveling the complex mysteries you’ll be presented in the first episode, just check out our handy “Who’s Who” of characters you’ll encounter below.

The Police Service of Shetland
Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez [Douglas Henshall] – Moved to Shetland after the death of his wife several years ago, in the hopes of creating a safer life for his step-daughter Cassie.

Detective Sergeant Alison “Tosh” McIntosh [Alison O'Donnell] – A member of the Shetland Police. Season three saw Tosh heading to Glasgow for a special case, which led to her wanting to transfer south, and unfortunately resulted in her own kidnapping and sexual assault.

Detective Constable Sandy Wilson [Steven Robertson] – Works for the police. A native of Shetland, he knew Lizzie Kilmuir (see below), and is friends with her sister, Kate.

Retired Detective Inspector Drew McColl [Sean McGinley] – The previous DI of the Shetland police force; was responsible for the unit when Thomas Malone was first investigated and convicted.

Retired Detective Sergeant Donovan – Assigned to Lizzie’s case when it first came up, and conducted the initial interview with Thomas.

Cora McLean [Anne Kidd] – Lead forensics investigator; was on the force when Lizzie’s case first came up.

Detective Sergeant Billy McCabe [Lewis Howden] – A member of the Shetland Police.

The Kilmuir Case
Thomas Malone [Stephen Walters] – Just released from prison after the possible mis-conviction of murdering Lizzie Kilmure.

Lizzie Kilmuir – Woman killed 23 years ago on the island.

Gail Callahan [Allison McKenzie] – Thomas’ rep for Life after Appeal, an organization that helps people released from prison after they win an appeal acclimate back to life outside.

Kate Kilmuir [Neve McInstosh] – Twin sister of Lizzie. Feels Thomas is as much a victim of the crime as her sister was.

Molly Kilmuir [Julia Brown] – Daughter of Kate, niece of Lizzie. Like most of the town, blames Thomas for her Aunt Lizzie’s death.

Benny Ray [Michael Moreland] – When Lizzie was first murdered, Benny claimed that he witnessed Thomas in the area of the murder.

The Modern Case
Sally McColl [Amy Lennox] – McColl’s daughter. Works for the local newspaper.

Danny Hamilton – An employee of Forst Energy who died while working on a drive shaft at the company.

Meg Hamilton [Hannah Donaldson] – The deceased Danny Hamilton’s wife.

Jo Halley [Sophie Stone] – Friend of Sally McColl who came to Shetland to escape an abusive relationship.

Alan Killick [Gerard Miller] – Friend of Sally McColl, he works at his mother’s seal sanctuary.

Other Townsfolk
Cassie Perez [Erin Armstrong] – Step-daughter of DI Jimmy Perez, though he was responsible for the majority of her upbringing, as her father, Duncan, left when she was young. While she’d just left for college in Glasgow during season three, she’s returned following a messy breakup.

Duncan Hunter [Mark Bonnar] – Cassie’s birth father, who was absent in her early years. Co-parents with Jimmy, though he tends to be more indulgent as a father.

Rhona Kelley [Julie Graham] – Shetland’s Procurator Fiscal, or the lead prosecutor who acts in the best interest of the region.

Donna Killick [Fiona Bell] – Alan’s mother and owner of a local seal sanctuary.