Today on Boston Public Radio:

– NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd talked about the US’ standing as the nation with the most COVID-19 cases and discussed the latest national headlines.

– With coronavirus cases spiking across the country, we opened lines to ask listeners: Are you ready for the long haul of living with COVID?

– Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Trump's tax returns, and whether Amy Cooper — who gained notoriety for calling the police on a Black man in Central Park — deserves to have her false reporting charge dropped.

– Dr. Karilyn Crockett, Boston's newly appointed and first-ever chief of equity, talked about her goals and what she believes it's going to take to change racism and classism in the city.

– Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville talked about where Massachusetts stands with respect to reopening schools, and the Trump administration’s latest order prohibiting international students from returning to or remaining in the US for remote learning.

– We opened lines to ask listeners: Has Amy Cooper already paid the price for her white privilege?

– Harvard dream researcher Deirdre Leigh Barrett talked about her new book, “Pandemic Dreams."