A Pulmonologist Talks About Fighting The Coronavirus On The Frontlines Of The Pandemic
The pandemic has been traumatic and emotionally taxing for hospital workers throughout the country, as many have faced grueling hours, dying patients, and the constant danger of a novel, highly contagious virus. Brigham and Women’s pulmonologist and critical care physician Dr. Daniela Lamas wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times titled, “I’m a Critical Care Doctor. I’m Tired. I’m Mourning. I’m Bracing for More,” where she laid out the hardships she has faced while fighting COVID-19.

Massachusetts Considers Standardized System For Police, Something Most States Have
Governor Charlie Baker has filed a bill that would create a new oversight system for police in the state — just one of four reforms being pushed by the state’s Black and Latino Legislative Caucus. Adam Reilly reports.