Quentin Palfrey: ‘We Need To Overcome’ Obstacles to Voting During The Pandemic
With some special elections on the docket in the coming weeks, public officials are already having to contend with the question of how best to run elections. And for some observers, the coronavirus pandemic has brought about an existential question about American democracy in the November presidential election. Jim Braude joined former Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Quentin Palfrey, now chair of the group Voter Protection Corps, to discuss.

Court TV Founder Has New Netflix Show That Focuses On Sensationalized Media Coverage Of Cases
Although he is best known for founding Court TV in 1991, journalist Steven Brill is one of the executive producers behind a new Netflix series, "Trial by Media," focusing on sensational trials and the media coverage that may have manipulated the outcome. He joined Emily Rooney to discuss.

Scientific Field Research Takes A Hit During Coronavirus
One lesser-known effect of coronavirus social distancing restrictions has been the impact on scientific field research. In New England, scientists who have long tracked the endangered North American Right Whale have been largely unable to continue their work, causing concerns that they may lose track of the large sea creatures they have been following. Emily Rooney joined Philip Hamilton, a research scientist at the New England Aquarium, to discuss.