Mass. Reopening Advisory Board Member Steve DiFillippo: Restaurants Will 'Probably' Return To Business In June
Governor Charlie Baker announced this week the creation of a 17-member advisory board to help determine when and how Massachusetts should open up again in the wake of the coronavirus. To discuss, Emily Rooneys joined one of those members, local chef and restaurateur Steve DiFillippo, owner of the Davio’s restaurant chain.

'Every Call Has The Potential To Be Exposed To COVID': First Responders Worry About Adequate Testing
As the debate continues about when and how to end the shutdown, it is clear that increased testing will be critical. Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts is already one of the top states in testing per capita – with 8,000 to 10,000 tests done per day. As Liz Neisloss reports, first responders are particularly concerned about the need for adequate testing, even when the state reopens.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes On The Coronavirus Threat Facing First Responders
As Governor Charlie Baker announced an advisory board this week to guide Massachusetts back to normal functioning after coronavirus, first responder are one of the groups most concerned about the continued health threat. To discuss, Emily Rooney joined Chelsea Chief of Police Brian Kyes, who is also president of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police.

WBZ Meteorologist Barry Burbank Retires After Four Decades On The Air
Barry Burbank holds the record for being the longest meteorologist on the air at a single station in the city of Boston. He joined Emily Rooney to reflect on his 42 years of helping local residents prepare for the weather ahead.