Today on Boston Public Radio:

— NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd talked about his recent interview with Vice President Mike Pence, and broke down the debate in Washington over more stimulus funding.

— Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral discussed why some groups are pushing to reopen gun shops, and President Trump’s threats to punish governors over lockdowns.

— We aired live audio from Gov. Charlie Baker’s Thursday press conference.

— Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic could shape the future of public education in Massachusetts, and Harvard’s decision to return $8.6 million in coronavirus stimulus funds.

— Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam talked about the recently published recipe for making IKEA’s Swedish meatballs at home, and all the places the rich are flocking to during the coronavirus pandemic.

— Jim and Margery discussed their concerns over the Trump administration's dismissal of science amid the coronavirus pandemic.