Dr. Joia Mukherjee Of Partners In Health Explains How Massachusetts Will Try To Track Every Case Of Coronavirus
Governor Charlie Baker announced a new effort last week to trace — and thereby hopefully slow — the spread of the novel coronavirus in Massachusetts. The Community Tracing Collaborative, led by non-profit Partners In Health, is reportedly the first statewide contact-tracing program for the disease in the nation. Jim Braude joined PIH’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joia Mukherjee, to discuss what it entails.

Small Business Loan Program Is 'Getting Moving Now' In Mass After Days Of 'Flaws,' Says Local SBA Official
The federal coronavirus stimulus package enacted last month included a $349 billion loan program for small businesses. But since the program’s rollout last Friday, there have been widespread reports of technical glitches, strict eligibility requirements, and red tape getting in between the funds and the business that need it. Jim Braude was joined by Norman Eng, a public affairs specialist with the Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts office to speak on the matter.

Boston Immigration Court Remains Open Despite Attorney’s Family Member Testing Positive For COVID-19
Massachusetts trial courts have been closed to the public for weeks, but federal immigration courts in Boston were open and holding hearings up until this past Friday, when they temporarily closed just for the day after local attorney Susan Church reported that someone from her household had tested positive for coronavirus. Jim Braude spoke with Church, who is partner at Demissie and Church.