Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Spotlight On President Trump's Actions
Every U.S. president has had a time when his leadership — his ability to comfort and uplift the nation, to guide the country through peril, and respond appropriately to crisis — has been tested. Some have risen to the occasion and others have failed. If the coronavirus pandemic is that moment for President Trump, how does he compare to his forebears? To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by David Gergen of the Harvard Kennedy School, a former adviser to Presidents Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, and Ford, and Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett, vice chair of primary care innovation and transformation and the program director of the department of family medicine at Boston Medical Center.

What Happens at A ‘Drive Thru’ COVID-19 Test?
In an effort to make coronavirus testing more available, many hospitals in Massachusetts are starting to offer ‘drive thru’ sites. Liz Neisloss visited Newton-Wellesley Hospital to see how this kind of testing works.

Pine Street Inn’s Lyndia Downie On Serving Boston’s Homeless Population During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Boston has set up tents in the South End to serve as make-shift clinics to test and quarantine those showing signs of coronavirus. The move is particularly important given the difficulty of ‘social distancing’ within shelters and the increased health risks faced by those without a stable home. In the midst of the challenge, the Pine Street Inn — New England's largest shelter — is working to protect its guests. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined via skype by Pine Street President and executive director Lyndia Downie.