The Politics Of The Coronavirus Response
President Trump has repeatedly sought to downplay concerns about coronavirus for the past few weeks, often contradicting the announcements made by public health experts, including some within his own administration. The White House is also reportedly looking at ways to use the nation’s current state of confusion and anxiety to push through long-sought political goals, including southern border security measures and trade crackdowns on China.

Jim Braude joined Rufus Gifford, former U.S. ambassador to Denmark and former finance director for the Obama reelection campaign and Jennifer Nassour, former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party and founder of Conservative Women for a Better Future, to discuss the administration's response Monday on Greater Boston.

Travel And The Coronavirus
Federal travel restrictions that were enacted in response to the coronavirus now cover foreign nationals who recently traveled to China and other countries hit hardest by the virus. As "Boston Globe" travel writer Christopher Muther explained Monday on Greater Boston, Massachusetts is especially vulnerable to the impacts such a move might have on the local tourism economy.

Jim Braude spoke with Muther on the matter.

The Challenge Of Identifying Homeless, Unaccompanied Minors In Massachusetts
Last year, Massachusetts schools identified some 1,400 students as homeless and living without a parent or guardian – nearly double the amount of unaccompanied homeless minors ten years ago. By law, schools are required to identify and help so-called unaccompanied homeless youth, but as Jenifer McKim from WGBH’s New England Center for Investigative Reporting discovered, too often Massachusetts homeless youth are left to fend for themselves.

IMHO: Saving Daylight
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why Daylight Saving Time should be year-round.