ROXBORO, N.C. (AP) — For her 100th birthday, Ruth Bryant crossed a significant item off her bucket list. She went to jail.

The Person County Sheriff’s Office helped fulfill Bryant’s unusual wish when two deputies showed up at her assisted living facility to serve her a warrant charging her with indecent exposure, news outlets reported.

The two deputies handcuffed Bryant to her walker and placed her in a patrol car, giving her the full experience with lights and sirens flashing and blaring. Before she got in, the deputies warned her not to put up a fight, and she playfully kicked at them, WRAL reported.

“Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee!” said one deputy, to which Bryant replied, “I’ve got two bad knees!”

The Courier-Times of Roxboro reported that as Bryant tried to get out of the patrol car, she told the deputies they should go after another criminal.

“The people who make these low damn seats in all these cars,” Bryant said. “You ought to arrest every one of them.”

Once in the jail, Bryant was treated like, well, a criminal. She had a mugshot taken, spent a few minutes in a jail cell, and left with an orange shirt with the words “PERSON COUNTY JAIL” on it.

“I’m in the jail-house now! I finally got here!” she exclaimed.

Before long, Bryant was released. She returned to her assisted living center to a party complete with a birthday cake. No word on whether the cake had a file in it.